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Am tres excited to go to shanghai next week!Any suggestions on where to go etc??? Also, anything happening over there besides SHANGHAI EXPO?? any good plays i should check out???xoxo

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Watch Mediacorp shows online for FREE

you can watch me in a bad curly 80s wig in a sitcom i did in Singapore called 80s Rewind as well as Fighting Spiders right here....http://video.xin.msn.com/browse/tv/show/80s-rewind

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Soaking it up at Railay Beach, Krabi

I've been wanting to make like a beached whale and just lie on a beach somewhere for ages and finally, I did it.Railay Beach, Krabi, Thailand was the destination. It was an all girl trip and it was relaxing and fun. Lots of people go to rock climb but i was happy just watching...whilst lying on the beach, of course.Railay is about 25 mins drive from Krabi International Airport and another 15-20 min boat ride. There are no cars, everywhere is walking distance. It's very chilled there. A few bars here and there, mos...Read more

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Grieving Conscience - Panasonic Digital Film Fiesta 2010

A short film i did whilst shooting fighting spiders in Singapore called Grieving Conscience. It's competing in the Panasonic Digital Film Fiesta 2010, so if you like it, please vote for it. ThanksYou can watch it here plus the other 9 short films competing :)Click here to w...Read more

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all work and no play makes.......

....waiting TRES boringA veteran actor once told me....."I've been acting for almost 45 years....40 of those years were spent waiting on set!"Diff actors  have diff ways of entertaining themselves while they wait for lights to be set etc. Some read, listen to music whilst dreaming of getting an Oscar, sleep, chat to anyone who would listen, stare at themselves in the mirror etc etc....I've done it all!However on this particular day on set......Read more

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What is the motivation for this scene?

Actually i was just thinking about what I wanted for dinner whilst waiting for the lights to be set  ;)Pic taken by Gavin Lim.

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part of the location we've been shooting in. much better than the first season in terms of space, noise pollution etc. this used to be army barracks. 2 mins away you will find a clutter of them turned into restaurants! Dempsey is rather popular here in SG....Inside one o...Read more

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New season New Hairdo

Just back from first day of shooting Fighting Spiders season 2. Twas a long but good day. Great to see and work with some old faces as well as some new ones. Most importantly, it was good to be Sherry again. We decided to give her a lil change in hair. I, for one am quite pleased cos it means not having a can of hair spray on my head everyday. More pics to come...xoxo

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May 2010 bring all of us happiness, love, wealth, good health and exciting projects to work on. If no one is giving us that, then we should bloody well make those opportunities happen for ourselves!!! Get those creative juices flowing and come up with our own shows/projects!!!What say you??????I am excited to start shoot on the 4th for Fighting Spiders season 2. Hope you guys had a great new years eve!!xoxo

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Asian Television Awards 2009

Yikes, didn't realise how long it has been since i updated here. Finished writing 2 episodes of Fighting Spiders 2 recently and am now waiting to shoot sometime in Dec i think ;)

I just wanted to happily share with everyone that FS has been nominated in 2 categories in the upcoming ATA 2009 for best directing and best cinematography. the awards is happening in Singapore on the 3rd of dec.

ooh i emceed an Anlene event in SG last month and got a chance to share the stage with Michelle Yeoh and I have to admit, I...Read more

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