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Domestic Help - a short film

Here's a short film I did in SIngapore...

Video: http://vimeo.com/60337114

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My little tips on what to do in March in Harper's Bazaar

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Fab Photoshoot

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HNY....and a short film later

Here's wishing everyone a fantabulous 2012 ahead!!!

Did a short film in Dec in Singapore and it was indeed an experience. Don't let the pic below fool you. This was just us goofing around. The film itself was dark and let's just say most of the time, I was covered in blood and bruises.

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Retrolicious 2011 and an Eating Frenzy in Singapore

Just back from a weekend in Singapore. Went specifically for RETROLICIOUS 2011. I cannot believe I remember the lyrics to a lot of the songs! First up, we had Human League. I have to admit, one song i truly know is Don't You Want Me but I actually recognized two others. The surprise was when they sang Together in Electric Dreams by Giorgio Moroder n Phil Oakey. Everyone around me was like why is he singing this song? Took me a minute to figure out the lead singer of Human League was Phil Oakey.

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Launch of Rolls-Royce showroom in Kuala Lumpur

if you don't already know, I emcee events as well and one of my latest gigs was the Launch of the Rolls-Royce showroom in KL.

30 elite couples were invited to a cocktail where 3 cars were showcased. 2 Phantoms and 1 Ghost. I have to say.....these cars are beautiful. I especially love the special compartment at the door on the driver's side where an umbrella is tucked away. Was told after use, there's an actual blower that dries the brolly when you put it back in!

It is a Rolls-Royce a...Read more

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ReDiscovering Penang

Having lived in Penang for 4 years, i didn't really take the chance to really discover the island. I am most famous amongst my frens for staying within a few kms from wherever i live, even now in KL, i hardly ever venture out except for really good food. i use traffic most of the time as an excuse but basically, why go any further when everything i need is within my 4KM radius.

During the Vesak weekend, some frens and I decided to get out of KL and go to Penang. Me and Ms T were to serve as tour guides seeing I lived there be...Read more

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Sound of Music

So here's what I've been busy with the past couple of months.....helping a fren bring in the Sound of Music to KL from London.

Must say its been a pretty interesting ride and I can't wait to see the show in June.

If you're in KL or will be from June 21st to 26th, get your tickets from www.ticketspeople.com

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I have always liked his music but wouldn't exactly say I was a BIG fan so when I found out KL was one of his stops for his CRAZY LOVE world tour, i didn't rush to buy tickets. However a few days before the concert, a really generous and sweet fren offered me her tickets, mind you these were seats 5 rows from the stage!!! i said YES.

He is a great performer and that voice! swoon

Here's some pics i took with my Blackberry (i know.....sad) hence the lack of clarity.

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