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Goodness! Had a great time last night singing along to songs like "Some Guys Have All The Luck" "Do You Think I'm Sexy" etc. He sure still can entertain....

Also had a surprise performance from his daughter, Ruby Stewart who sang 2 songs! What a way to start a career! All you need is to have Rod Stewart for a dad. But she really CAN sing!

Midway through the concert, Mr Stewart started kicking signed footballs into the crowd. My fren managed to catch one!!! Am telling her to keep it safe....who knows what it's gonna be worth! Mind you, we saw 2 fully grown adults fighting for one of these balls! I kid you not! I should have recorded it!

Twas a fun night![](/attachments/2009/03/113395_200903011320271.thumb.jpg) i reckon one day this ball is going to be worth quite a bit!

no Zena, you can't use that ball to play with your nephew!


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