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First blog! Welcome =)

Starting off Thank you for coming to my page.  I just wanted to start off with a shoutout to Fareast Movement and Wong Fu for collaborating with my dance crew Quest in their latest music video.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCtEvOdOZv

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hey there! Welcome to AnD!!~ =) the vid is cool... Quest is awesome, of course... hahaa... Happy Blogging!!
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congrats on the win bro asia came to visit us that nite and all she could talk about was your win yeah i got jealous haha
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my gosh, the dance was really cool. How did you guys do tt??!!! How envious~~~~ great moves!
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dude! I love the video clip! You guys know how to move!
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你好, Nice MV! really good dancers!! 祝你今天愉快
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awesome song!! =D
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Great Video - lol the start was funny. The dancing was excellent
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Good video clip. It is like the chinese version of MJ. Thanks for sharing.
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Omg Hok is so recognizable!!! Hahahaha dude!! Did i totally miss D-TRIX or what?! =[[ WOO good vid!! Glad you guys got into a music vid!!!
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Loved FarEastMovement's Girls On the Dance Floor on this season's finale of America's Best Dance Crew!!! Btw, GREAT VIDEO!! Quest crew ROCKS~ Keep up the good work guys~ All the Best to you all! It was good to see ya on this season Marital arts challenge! u are brilliant! Keep on working hard dude! :D
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July 23, 2008