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Privy Featured Member: Stream Lee (They call her the "Mayor")

We spent a few minutes this week with Stream Lee, Privy's Seoul Ambassador...

For many people, defining their occupation is a one-word answer. But our modern globalized world has seen a proliferation of people who are not so easily defined. Their networks of connections mean that for these people almost nothing is impossible to accomplish. In many ways, such individuals are the heartbeat of Privy. So we jumped at the chance to interview Seoul-based member Stream Lee, founder...Read more

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Screening at CalState LA!

A lot of people keep asking me when the film will screen again in LA - well here you go folks, it will be screening on Thursday, April 30th, at CalState L.A., at 6:15p.

It's free! Here are more details from the flyer below.


“Yours Truly, Miss Chinatown”

This documentary film reveals the intimate stories of several unforgettable young women who vie for the title Miss Los Angeles Chinatown, while struggling to find themselves in two cultures with different values and...Read more

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Privy member David No was recently interviewed in 10 Magazine

From the January issue of 10 magazine. Go out and pick up a copy, it's worth it! Fab photos!

Actor, Screenwriter, Director, Film Producer, Stuntman David No

Words by Lance Crayon

David No’s father left Korea for Australia in a time when no one had even heard of taekwondo. He became the father of Australian taekwondo opening the country’s first studio in 1965. No’s Australian mother was the first ever female black belt in the martial art on the island-continent and remai...Read more

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Privy member Alice Wu's Editorial in the South China Morning Post


by Alice Wu 2008-12-13

Tsang's descent to collective indifference

What can be worse than the government's embarrassingly clumsy repatriation of Hong Kong travellers stranded in Thailand? The government's pathetic attempt to appease the public over yet another in a long list of blunders.

Chief Secretary Henry Tang Ying-yen's slap on the wrist collective responsibility explanation made zero impact. Chief Executive D...Read more

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Privy member Stephen Liu mentioned in The Japan Times



Asian Americans building a key bridge


LOS ANGELES — A funny thing happened to Tokyo's Masahiro Kohara after he arrived in Los Angeles almost 2 1/2 years ago: He felt right at home.

The intellectually elegant Japanese diplomat had been expecting to feel like a fish out of water. But, taking over a...Read more

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Privy member Teddy Zee quoted in WSJ on Sushi Bullies

WALL STREET JOURNAL, 10/24/08 Sushi Bullies

Top sushi chefs dictate what's made and who eats it, and even eject dissenters. Why do the fans keep coming? Katy McLaughlin on culture clashes -- and the California-roll taboo.


If you're seated at the sushi bar at Sasabune in New York, Sushi Nozawa in Los Angeles, or Sawa Sushi in Sunnyvale, Calif., a few words of advice: Don't try to order -- the chef will decide what you eat. Use extra soy sauce at your o...Read more

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BoA's Official US Debut CD Release Party @ TAO Beach!

Privy member Brian Kim is producing this event during March Madness at TAO Vegas..

“first 50 w/ BoA’s new CD will receive autograph and picture with BoA!”

Biggest Asian Party of the Year!

TAO Beach kick off its Season Grand Opening w/ Asia’s top recording artist, BoA! This red carpet event will celebrate BoA’s US debut CD release, which goes on sale everywhere on March 17th. Pre-Order Available on Amazon.com

Tickets are on sale now @ Read more

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Upcoming Screenings

Very excited to announce that "Yours Truly, Miss Chinatown" will be screening at the Asian American Showcase at the Gene Siskel Theater in Chicago this April! The Showcase is the biggest of its kind in the midwest and has supported emerging Asian American filmmakers early in their careers. Some notable directors who have been supported by the showcase throughout the early part of their careers are Jessica Yu, Justin Lin (“Better Luck Tomorrow,” Showcase 2002), Greg Pak (“Robot Stories,” Showcase 2003). More details to come!...Read more

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Oscar Party at J Lounge!

Wanted to invite everyone to an Oscar Party![](/attachments/2009/11/15/08/23055_20091115080001193.gif)

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Jet-setter Wallet

Nice, functional wallet for travelers. Includes dual sim card slots, ariplane ticket pockets, passport pocket, multiple currency pockets. Check out the link and look under Wallets > Gateway. http://www.setgogear.com/

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