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It's high time for me to write another blog entry here on AnD. I haven't posted much here in a while, since I've been mad busy with several new projects.Most importantly, perhaps, I've penned and published my first non-fiction book. Some of you might be interested, because it contains parts of blog entries I posted here on AnD. It has all been properly updated and polished, of course, and it comes within a much wider context. 

So, if you would like to dig deeper and check this baby out (and you have an ebook reader in...Read more

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Just in case you're wondering if I still do movie work -- yesss, I do. Although, owing to a natural process called aging, I don't do as many stunt-related work as before ( I guess producers are afraid that I might break my ass or something).Anyway, every once in a blue moon I get to do some acting bits in the odd film production.One example is AnD artist Mike Moeller's latest project: a German movie production calledStreet Gangs. The movie was directed by Mike, and a whole bunch of AnD members were i...Read more

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New Website's up!

Hi all!I've been awfully busy during the last couple of months with a new baby of mine. I've set up a little publishing company, specializing in e-books & graphic art. It's called:It's all street style & underground culture, and the topics range from ghetto fitness, parkour, and martial arts to hardcore bodybuilding and urban art. Quite a range, I give you that... but it'...Read more

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HITting the FIBO

I've just returned from Germany's largest bodybuilding & fitness fair, the FIBO in the city of Essen. I went there on behalf of my current employer, the Swedish gym chain Actic Fitness.The whole event was a real eye-popping freak show in parts... and I really loved it!  What I enjoyed most, was meeting two of the most famous bodybuilders in the world in person. First of all, living legend Ken "Flex" Wheeler, one of the best physiques ever to grace a competitive bodybuilding st...Read more

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Just wanted to up the ante a bit by posting 2 more pics I just got mailed by the AD... wadda ya think?These shots were taken during the filming of a German motion picture in Berlin last October... and no, I did NOT play the Fuehrer! 

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It's been a pretty busy week... had to leave town again to travel to another gym of ours, lending the local instructors a hand with grinding out more training routines. The gym is located in Goslar, a quaint small town in the heart of the Harz mountains... a place famous for witchcraft and creepy stuff like that... well, at least in the Middle Ages it was.The cardio area of our Goslar gymAnyway, although m...Read more

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This summer I didn't have much of a vacation. Instead, I was sent all across Germany by Nautilus to help out at some of our gyms.In July and August, I went to a tiny but famous place, name of Schwäbisch Hall. It's a fairly small town in the heart of Germany, with a medieval-style historic town center. Quite pretty, if you're into that sort of thing. Looks like some place right out of ...Read more

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D'ya ever hear about H.I.T. and the Nautilus machines? I bet you did. The Nautilus weight training machines were introduced to the fitness world in the early 70s by a guy called Arthur Jones. This man was quite a character, to put it mildly... combat pilot, crocodile hunter, filmmaker, inventor of exercise machines.  Some people call him genius, while others think him stark raving mad. I like that.The fact of the matter is, Jones turned the whole bodybuilding business upside down.Read more

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Hi everybody!I haven't posted anything here in a couple of months, so I thought I might let you know what I've been up to in the meantime.For almost a year I have been working as a fitness instructor at a pretty big gym now. Since the movie business is pretty slow in Germany at the moment, lots of stunt people, stage fighters and so on, had to go and find themselves day jobs. Moi, as well.I qu...Read more

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Yup, it's finally out!YIP MAN 2, the long-awaited sequel ofYip Man, premiered in Beijing on April 21. The official release date for Asia will be... tadaaah!... TO-MOR-ROW!!!At this stage, I'm probably allowed to post another blog on the movie, i.e. the making of it, here on AnD. Some of you may have noticed that I deleted my previous blog entry on the topic. I decided to do so at the time, because I got some pretty negative feedback from fellow-actors and -- indirectly -- members of the production team. Apparently, they were...Read more

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