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Sometimes I do feel tense when a lot of trivia matters undone, when every little tasks are all seriously trivial, whenever my heart go pumping worrying of what to sort out first, i usually say to myself, ok calm down, and i list down all the tasks on a paper, and do the most urgent thing first, and then bit by bit, little by little, seconds after seconds, eventually i got everything sorted, and then start work on some other trivia matters again, like a cycle, i am never too sure how these trivia matters will affect the whole picture, but i still believe what i said in my short film - Life is the butterfly effect of every step each of us takes.

PS: am delivering our INFINITY case to 2 other shops for consignment today =)

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There is no right or wrong in my world, I never regret. The so-called wrong of this world gives me memorable experiences and valuable understandings, that bring

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