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2008 Beijing Olympics

August 8, 2008.  8:03pm, Times Square, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. 

Where were you when it happened?


Video: http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjD0oOoyovE

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I was in a pub in Huizhou with my colleagues, what a proud and spectacular opening ceremony for China!
over 11 years ago
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I was in a private room at a restaurant with TV, hotpot and mahjong. Good time and perfect way to watch the event. I love the ceremony but we were laughing our asses off when Li Ning elevated up in the air. I bet it's very tough to do the air running for this long. :-)
over 11 years ago
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dude! mimi and i were jsut having hotpot on the street adjacent to Times square watchin tv while eating. you should've called us!!
over 11 years ago


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