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hope and glory continued....

So all is well at the show. We updated a lot of things, improved some of the content, got cantonese subtitles on films and moved a few bits around.

Anyone who came to the opening would have been part of the biggest art opening in HK histroy so thanks for coming and hope you all had fun.

Please do us a favour and tell your friends about the exhibition as we really need it to be a success or the government won't give us the funding!

So please help us out, come to the show, take photos, bring your parents, make the most of it while it on as it finishes on May 30th, so not much time left to see the show, the largest art installation in HK history.

There are dozens of large sculptures and installations, 15 films, all for you for free!! Many of your AND favourites are involved in the project, Daniel Wu, Lisa s, Josie Ho, Prodip, Wing Shya, Race and Roseanne Wong, 24 Herbs and on and on....This sort of thing doesn't come to HK very often, so don't miss out!

Also, if any musicians, filmmakers, artists want to use the space for their own projects, you are welcome to do so, no charge! Plus and skaters can use the skateramp anytime they like.

I'm a strong believer in supporting fellow creatives so please email me if you want to do something.

Remember, the show is on every day, 10am-8pm, until May 30, free entry. Details on the poster below.....


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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
Patrick Lee says :
great job simon! we'll highlight...
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Etchy 4d darth schoolgirl2b
Raffi says :
i want to go back again, gotta find some time!
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Photo 507578
Freeman Chiu says :
hey Simon.. how are you doing? LOVE to come and check out 'Hope & Glory' it seems like a very unique concept and while I only found out about this last Friday, i'm sure to want to come check it out today or next couple of days! i'm into hip-hop 'n street culture 'n we've recently kicked off an hk underground hip-hop radio show!
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Photo 507578
Freeman Chiu says : 'n this is the link :)
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