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I'm back home, HK

these few days were pretty much just plain relax and meeting up my friends and teammates. 

  and of course, to stay with my baby boy...you don't know how much mami misses you when I'm not home...your one of the most important living thing in my life. For all y'all who doesnt know, his name's Wacky by the way...hahaaa

  Things don't seems to go like what it used to be. Could be that I grew up and my point of view just kinda changed or things did really changed, I don't know. Maybe I shouldnt give a shit to it and do what reality is.

ohhh yea...my very first job interview's tomarrow. damn scary I know...:(  in-ing for I.T.'s junior designer, preferably working in fingercroxx, but I'm not sure if they need anybody. Big thank you to Cyrus Chow, he gave me the chance, and goodluck to his upcoming live MC-ing in Asian Film Award, wishing him all the best, I'll watch out for you on the TV to shout out some supports HAHAAAA


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