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Been long

haha it's like I'm writing all these for myself to read?! lol no body's reading my blog...oooooh well nevermind haha

it's been pretty busy lately...urmmm preparing the graduation exhibition...uhhhah here's the test sample of the final outcome, not a perfect one but its fun just to tease around the topic ''God is...''

and ummm I've been working out everyday lol trying to get back in shape for my water polo ''career'' this summer haha...

and yea I'm going back to Hong Kong again, for good, wohoo, hah, early, yes, but my life will just be --------------------------- every single day. er, just like the shirt Theo got me:

Thinking if I should get a driving license this summer, just to increase the % of car crashes in Hong Kong you know, good fun

oh, or maybe I should take some 3D animation or photoshop or illustrator or dreamweaver top up courses cuz I suck at all of those and god dang it I gotta get ready for next year you know.

enough bull shitting, in a week time I am going home going home going home going home going home again again again again again May 11th - Sep 25th I know everyone's jealousing yeeehaaaah

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haha may be GOD !! hahahaha
almost 16 years ago


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