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    May there be peace on earth and goodwill among people
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  • Photo Shooting

    Tuesday, Mar 20, 2012 1:14AM / Standard Entry / Members only

    giovedì 16 Febbraio 2012- Shaolin Temple Italy:
    Photo-Shooting for Shaolin Temple Italy Encyclopedia
    Thanks to photographer Ennio Ghilardi and disciple Roberto Messa
    for their  great artistic and technical support !


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  • Shifu 釋恒禅 Shì-Héng-Chán, 35th generation Shaolin,direct disciple of 釋延達 Shì-Yán-Dá(少林寺监院 Shaolin Temple Supervisor, 少林寺武僧僧团长 Shaolin Monks Martial Arts Exh...


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