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Ho pubblicato 38 foto su Facebook nell'album "SHAOLIN CULTURE at "2ND INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON MINDFULNESS"" https://t.co/8L6jMf9OjS

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NEWS from SHAOLIN TEMPLE Official Site - Amituofo... https://t.co/IYzTgzS90J

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Shifu ShiHengChan tra i keynote speakers alla 2°International Conference on Mindfullness c/o Università La... https://t.co/89EJbtsg5n

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RAW SCHOOL-SHOW COOKING & CONFERENCE: Le ricette di Ding & gli insegnamenti di Chan 4: SCUOLA di CUCINA CRUDISTA... https://t.co/3jNEVdkuy2

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https://t.co/yFGlGVEe89 Grazie a chi vorrà sostenerci! Amituofo

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Mi è piaciuto un video di @YouTube: https://t.co/mrPE6qlcjx Shi Hen Chan (monaco Shaolin) - cos'è l'energia vitale per la disciplina

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May all beings be well and happy May there be peace on earth and goodwill among people Wish all a very blessed new year 2014 Amituofo 南无阿弥陀佛

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