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A good friend of mine, Ahmed El-Alfy http://www.alivenotdead.com/Alfyis the director of an upcoming play in Hong Kong, titled "Orphans" - written by Dennis Kelly.We worked together the last  24 hours or so to come up with and produce a poster for the show in December

Here it is:

(cant seem to upload the final version without the colors getting all fucked up. Premiere.)

Come check it out - details below!

Meet Dennis Kelly, author of Orphans

Award-winning British playwright Dennis Kelly is coming to Hong Kong to see the Players’ production of Orphans and will be doing a Q&A session on this and his other works. For more details, contact Lara Genovese on 9857 3229.



Helen and Danny keep themselves to themselves. But the outside world comes crashing into their lives one day when Helen’s brother turns up. Covered in blood.

Dennis Kelly’s new play is a thrilling contemporary suspense story which takes its audience on a chilling journey into a world just outside the front door.

One of the UK’s most electrifying playwrights, Dennis Kelly has written an array of award-winning plays including , ,

and .


What:When:December 8-10 2010, 8pm December 11 2.30pm & 7.30pm Where:McAulay Studio, Arts Centre, Wanchai

Tickets:Call URBTIX ticketing hotline on 2111 5999 or visit www.urbtix.hk

Visitwww.hongkongplayers.comfor more details.

For press enquiries call Teri on 9852 2668 or email ewentel@netvigator.com



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