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Taipei - random pics

We Malaysians must love our food cuz I have lots of food pics!

Perfect on-the-go tummy fillers - Ting Kua Kua.

So oily and GOOD!

Another street favorite: Minced pork and rice (forgot how to say it in Chinese)

So simple, so heavenly!

Though not typically Taiwanese, I had to take a pic of this Shanghainese dish - pigs ears!

I couldn't touch this (although I'm sure it's yummy) - 10 or so pigs without ears kept floating thru my mind!

Was hunting for breakfast places one early morning. Couldn't find any, then saw a long line inside 7-11. That's when I discovered the breakfast of champions - Fan Tuan!

If I ever lose my job in entertainment, at least I know I can do this!

(Though the customers will probably not get any chance at them yummy sausages!)


AND THEN, there are buildings:

The view from my friend Gloria's apartment

A nice block down the road

The historical red building @ Ximending

Outside 101

I chanced upon this alley wandering round Danshui. My friend who's a producer saw the pic, loved it, now they're shooting a commercial using that as the location. So I guess I'm the location manager pat on back.


People crowding outside the Red Building @ Ximending for a Wang Lee Hom showcase.

A little couple's tiff? Sitting in the middle of the road near 101 right after the 08/09 NY countdown.


The pier @ Danshui

Sunset @ Danshui. What a way to end the trip.

Thank you Taipei for the memories.

(There are loads more pics but this blog would be 3 years long if I put them ALL in)


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The roads were closed ;)
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I know it's been a while since I'd updated! Be back asap promise!!!

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