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My head hurts - and I friggin' love it.

My head feels like it weighs 2 tons.  My limbs are not listening to my head. For the 4th day in a row, I wake up to Bourdain on Discovery. I snigger every time quintessentially taiwanese ads are peppered in between the segments. "They even pronounce Anthony Bourdain in Mandarin here!" What a juxtaposition. I take my invisible hat off to the Taiwanese for their pride in their language and culture.I channel surf to find dozens of game and talk shows. Another thing I find that's quintessentially Taiwanese. I think to myself, "My GOD, where do these hosts find the energy to talk for hours, and what is it with those sound effects every time someone says... well... anything!" RESPECT. I don't think I could do that. I attempt to place one foot off the couch toward the bathroom. Left foot, "HELL no I ain't movin"Right foot," Zzzzzzz"Well there goes that attempt. I think back to 15 hours ago when I said 'waddup 2009' with a bunch of total strangers I ended up havin pretty intense conversations with. I wonder if it was the booze.Nope, nope definitely not. I'm sure of that. Great people, crisp weather, a cool-ass joint called InHouse - Right underneath Taipei 101. "There's no better place to be", I remember my new friend Scott sayin.  And I distinctly remember nodding and letting out a sigh of contentment. And then it happened, what I only got to see up till now on youtube. 10,9,8.... the crowd goes wild. Taipei 101 bursts into a plume of every color you can imagine. Like a peacock, showcasing its breathtaking plumage, only every once in a while. A beacon of this fantastic city and an international architectural icon. And I'm basking in its glorious brilliance. It definitely doesn't get any better than this. Right now. My head hurts, my limbs are not listening to my head. I'm in a foreign land and...I friggin' love it!Here's to a rockin' 2009!

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I know it's been a while since I'd updated! Be back asap promise!!!

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