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Belated vacation pics - my 1st day in Taipei

Dec 23, 08:

As soon as the mic went off 10am at the radio station, I hopped into a cab to the airport to get the hell outta this godforsaken city! Don't get me wrong, I love KL but living and working in a bustling city can drive you nuts I'm sure you agree.

What do I do? I head to another bustling city in a diff country! LOL Sounds silly I know but at least I'm not working and I was craving cold weather.

Soon as I touched down, my friend takes me to one of the many popular Taipei night markets:

Made sure I took a pic so I wouldn't forget the name of the night market.

The whiff of smelly socks was overwhelming! Then I realized: ohhhhh, the infamous smelly tofu. I'm sure they taste fantastic but somethin was telling me, ' no Serena, no".

This I couldn't wait to have! Taiwanese sausages! Yuuuuuum

Assorted stuff - look at the coagulated blood... only in Asia.. only in Asia

Dessert! Felt like I was @ Disneyland for some reason.

Serena doing what she does best - terrorizing kids. She didn't seem to mind.

A beautiful temple @ the end of the street.

What a welcome - HELLO Taipei!

More to come.

Have a great weekend!

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I know it's been a while since I'd updated! Be back asap promise!!!

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