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The Way To A Chinese Man's Heart Is Through A Pair Of Chopsticks

The way to a Chinese man’s heart is through a pair of chopsticks. I am not kidding. You wanna know what can send my heart soaring? This. You could put me in front of a five-star meal in some fancy Beverly Hills restaurant, and I will have the time of my life, but I will never love it like I love this. I love this not only with my heart, my mind and my body, but with my very soul. There are other foods that I have a powerful emotional connection with, such as Indian cuisine, but I don’t think anything can find its way to such a deep-seated, sacred spot inside me as what you see above. I honestly think that there’s a tiny part of my brain that has evolved through thousands of years of Chinese civilization to serve the sole purpose of being able to respond to the smell of guo tie and flood me with massive waves of pleasure. And I don’t just mean regular endorphins, the kind you get from like walking into a McDonalds on a road trip to take a leak. I mean the kind you get just before you bite into your niu rou da bing on a late Sunday morning when it’s hot out, and afterward you need to stagger off somewhere and take a nap. Anyway… you know what I mean. Cast your gaze upon the photo above and if you are a Chinese man or woman, you will feel something wonderful and unspeakable stirring deep within your chest and brain, and possibly your groin area. It is a gift, handed down to you by your ancestors. Accept it with gratitude.

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