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My First Video Blog (aka I Suck At This)

Alright, a bunch of my friends convinced me that I should start a video blog. So here it is.

WARNING: The whole thing is pretty much just one big blooper. Or, as they say in Taiwan and Hong Kong, "NG" (illogically, this refers to "no good," and not the Cantonese last name "Ng").

Basically, I somehow got it in my head that I didn't wanna do the video in my bedroom, like most people, and I ended up deciding to record it while I was sick and at a party. I couldn't get more than a few lines out before wondering what I should be talking about next. And I also had some technological issues with my new phone (user error).

Anyway. For better or worse: Enjoy. :) I promise the next one will not suck as much.

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