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joe wu rocks. so does adding my songs to your facebook or dedicating them to your friends.

Just wanted to throw a quick entry up to plug the photographer who worked with me recently to do photos for the new record, Joe Wu. If you're looking for a photographer, just ask yourself: do you love taking bad photos? If so, don't call Joe. But if you wanna work with like the Harry Potter of photography, his website is joewuphoto.com. Tell him Scott sent you (I dunno if that'll actually do anything, but you know, it just sounds like something I should say here. :) Also, thanks to Boston Progress Radio (bprlive.org) for playing the new album and Eugene at FR*A for the shout-out. And everyone who's dedicating the songs or adding them to their profiles on Facebook... You guys are rockstars!Finally, if you're buying the tracks on iTunes, feel free to gimme some love in the form of a customer review. Thanks!

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