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郑雪梅SARAH - 斜雨(现场版本)Sarah Cheng-De Winne - Diagonal Rain LIVE @ Esplanade Waterfront

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Brave-Hearted Women's Conference 2016

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Came home to the handsomest chauffeur in the world ?@markdewinne #marknsarah11years

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My job in shanghai is done for now, and I get to put my legs up! See you in July Shanghai! ? #sarahinchina #中国好声音 (Last minute changes to flights has its benefits! I'm on a seat with lots of legroom and an empty seat next to me - usually reserved for people with babies)

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Am on an almost full flight to Shanghai and Jesus still decides to sit next to me ? #sarahinchina #中国好声音

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This is non-stop baby, you've got me smiling crazy ? #leondewinne #leondewinne #mummylife #seedheritage

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This girl is gonna be as tall as me soon... Thank goodness the boy is only just learning how to walk! ????❤️ #mummylife #inesdewinne #leondewinne

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Flying home to my cuties ✈️ #leondewinne #marknsarah11years #papaandme

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While waiting... Just ate this awesome snack called 鲜花饼 which originates from Yunnan - it's got rose petals inside! SOO GOOD ? #stillhere #voicechina #sarahinchina

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開嗓臉 warm up face #sarahinchina #voicechina

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