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Sarah Cheng-De Winne

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💪 I've got the Joy, I've got the Life, I've got the Strength! Though we may mourn in the night, joy comes in the morning! #inesdewinne #instakids #TGIF 因為他的怒氣只是短暫的, 他的恩惠卻是一生一世的; 夜間雖然不斷有哭泣, 早晨卻必歡呼。 (‭詩篇‬ ‭30‬:‭5‬ CNV)

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Thank you, Lee Kuan Yew, for leading us into the first world in times no one thought imaginable. You were truly a visionary beyond compare. May we all continue to build Singapore into the nation we can be proud of, where we are free, safe and at peace with each other, where we stand united despite our differences, and where progress will not be at the expense of living life to the fullest. #thankyouLKY #thankyoujesus

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Today marks another milestone for us as we collect the keys to a new HDB BTO flat at Dawson. We have been blessed and amazed by the generosity of our Heavenly Father, who has provided for us in His perfect timing ❤️ 今天是有一個里程碑!#newbeginnings #marknsarah10yrs #coupleoftheday

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"When you need to do it the most is when you feel like doing it the least - that's why it's called a sacrifice of praise." 🌞 I've been feeling many ups and downs these past three weeks, being preggers in between working on production with the talented Kavin Hoo and sorting out a new house. But through it all it is a choice to be joyful, it is a choice to pursue peace!

latergram #20weeks #maternitystyle #sonya7s #iwillpraise

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"哇,妳抱得那麼開心!" "Wah, you carry until so happy!" - Yup, I'm preparing for baby... #toapayoh #heartland #21weeks #babybump #VSCOcam #pureimagination

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感謝GoodTV歡迎我參加他們的真情部落格! 链接也在我的個人資料頁!thanks to GoodTV in Taiwan for interviewing me to share my testimony! (Link in bio) ❤️

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"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is to love and be loved in return." Happy weekend loves! 😘 #TGIF

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👫 Pt 2 #Reunited #singstagram #peachesandherb #marknsarah10yrs #marknsarah @markdewinne @sarahcdw #instavideo

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👫 Pt 1 #Reunited #singstagram #peachesandherb #marknsarah10yrs #marknsarah @markdewinne @sarahcdw #instavideo

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