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Sorting out old photos for #GoodTV... And came across these crazy retro wedding photos @markdewinne and I took in 2005!!! 😱 Wanna guess where this was taken in SG? 我為了好消息衛星電視台找一些照片...就發現了一堆9-10年前拍的結婚照片!哇哇哇!

tbt #marknsarah #throwback #MarknSarah10yrs #realvintagelor #canon #sg50

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Exercising with a baby bump today! Have you had your share of #exercise this week? 💪😉 #neonpink #ootd #SBF #nike #hm #fbt #babybump #marknsarah #lildewinne #14weeks

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Two cellos! Found at Daniel Chai's place where his wife and daughter are both learning together. How awesome is that?? I'm so inspired now to learn a new instrument. Guitar here I come!!

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✨ To Where You Are - one of the songs from my forthcoming EP, CANDLE... It's a song about how we keep going because we have someone who believes in us. Likewise, let's encourage and build up the dreams of others, not year each other down. Is there someone you can give life to with a kind word today? 讓我們鼓勵彼此,因為每一個人都有夢想,心願!😉 #livemusic #liveshow #sonya7s #vscocam #candleEP #latergram #goodmanartscentre

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⚡️You know why the lighting is so awesome? Cos it's @everadianttt lor! Thanks to everyone for coming down tonight! #hernameisradiant #livemusic #tanjonggoodman

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Early morning soundcheck over! 🎤🎹 See you tonight 7pm at #tanjonggoodman - Goodman Arts Centre Open House! ❤️ #marknsarah #liveshow #livemusic #coupleoftheday

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Thank you for the music Iskandar, your legacy lives on! I'll never forget how I performed sitting on a grand piano in a red dress, referencing Michelle Pfeiffer's character in the The Fabulous a Baker Boys, singing "Someone to Watch Over Me" for the NUS Jazz Band's Treat Her Like A Lady concerts. How fitting that this song defined much of our working relationship, that you took the time to nurture my passion for music and really watch over the initial years of my career as a singer-songwriter. Tonight was truly a beautiful evening: the musicians, guest artists, singers, crew, host, were in perfect orchestration in honour of you. Thanks to you, Iskandar, we not only have music to live with but friendships to cherish and love to share. May we continue to do you proud! ❤️ #tributetoiskandar #sonya7s #musicislife #themusicman

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🎤🎹🎸❤️#musicislife #liveshow #marknsarah #acoustic #seeyouthere #goodmanartscentre #tanjonggoodman

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All you need is puppy love sometimes. May this Thursday be full of love that is pure and sweet! 🐶 ❤️ 💋#inesdewinne #vscocam

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Blessed birthday to one of the most beautiful women I know! #welovedaphnephengyi #happybirthday @deekhoo ❤️

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