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Sarah Cheng-De Winne

Safe & Sound feat. The Civil Wars (The Hunger Games: Songs From District 12 And Beyond)

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Which photo works better as YouTube video thumbnail! 📺 #democracy

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Good morning! Had a @joogojuice #DeepRoots and it's perfectly tasty and refreshing... Hope youve got a great start to the weekend too! <3

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中秋節快樂! 🌝 Blessed Mid-Autumn Festival! ❤️ #中秋節


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Blessed Sunday! ❤️ Reunited with all three of us again after a week in Taipei 👪 - may you also have a great family day today 😉#coupleoftheday #family #sundayisfamilyday

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台北朋友,感謝你們的溫暖,而對我的信心。我總是帶著充滿盼望的心情回新加坡。我們十月份再見面!😍 Thank you Taipei, I always have new hope each time I leave. See you in October! #sarahintaipei

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謝謝大家,今晚真是個美滿的一夜!❤️ 祝大家中秋節快樂! thanks to everyone who came! Happy mid-autumn festival 🎊🎏🎉#vscocam #sarahintaipei

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With @sherryccexon at 女巫店, see you at 930pm!! #liveintaipei #sarahintaipei

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方大同Khalil Fong - 四人遊 (饒梓杰 Rao Zi Jie x 鄭雪梅SARAH)

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陽明山!你好! Hello from Yang Ming Shan, Taipei! ❤️ Hope everyone's Tuesday is going swell! 禮拜五在女巫店見,9點半!

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