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Brave-Hearted Women's Conference 2016

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Came home to the handsomest chauffeur in the world 😍@markdewinne #marknsarah11years

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My job in shanghai is done for now, and I get to put my legs up! See you in July Shanghai! 😘 #sarahinchina #中国好声音 (Last minute changes to flights has its benefits! I'm on a seat with lots of legroom and an empty seat next to me - usually reserved for people with babies)

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Am on an almost full flight to Shanghai and Jesus still decides to sit next to me 😉 #sarahinchina #中国好声音

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This is non-stop baby, you've got me smiling crazy 😂 #leondewinne #leondewinne #mummylife #seedheritage

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This girl is gonna be as tall as me soon... Thank goodness the boy is only just learning how to walk! 👧🏻👶🏻❤️ #mummylife #inesdewinne #leondewinne

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Flying home to my cuties ✈️ #leondewinne #marknsarah11years #papaandme

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While waiting... Just ate this awesome snack called 鲜花饼 which originates from Yunnan - it's got rose petals inside! SOO GOOD 😱 #stillhere #voicechina #sarahinchina

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開嗓臉 warm up face #sarahinchina #voicechina

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Just an image of God's grace - he works all things for the good of those who love and obey him and are called according to his purpose. Nothing can thwart his purposes and greater is he that he who is in the world. Had a massive afternoon scrambling for flight to shanghai (which was issued literally an hour before the flight at the airport itself..) after a series of miscommunications with the production team on shanghai, even had my luggage break down when I had less than 45 mins to flight departure - by God's grace I am on seat 48A window with no one next to...Read more

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July 3, 2008

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