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陽明山!你好! Hello from Yang Ming Shan, Taipei! ❤️ Hope everyone's Tuesday is going swell! 禮拜五在女巫店見,9點半!

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Blessed Saturday! Created a lil cover of #LostStars for you last week! 😉 check it out on my YouTube channel, or click the link in my bio! 👍

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禮拜五,我們下午就到台北了!明天3點鐘我會在台北復興堂青年牧區分享音樂見證😉 祝大家一個美滿的週末!it's Friday and we're headed to taipei for th

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鄭雪梅 Sarah Cheng-De Winne - 那個男人

Adam Levine - Lost Stars (Acoustic Cover by Sarah Cheng-De Winne & Lebbeus Lau)

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Soul sisters: chocolate painting with @janicewong2am last night while I sang.. See you today at 4pm! Timing change to accommodate the afternoon crowd! #CreatorySG level 4 - local is hidden!

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Taste me at #CreatorySG! Artwork by @janicewong2am and @markdewinne of Relay Room!

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So blessed to share about my next full-band show! Burning Bright, an Appreciation Concert ft @joshwei and Melodie Tan! Will be at an awesome pop up space, KEEPERS @ Orchard Green, a movement led by @carriekrocks - tix at (link in bio) 😘

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12 of the @davidchoimusic 25-video YouTube challenge: Aska Yang's That Man (which I am singing as That Woman instead haha) - check it out at 😘

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楊宗緯[那個男人] - 鄭雪梅SARAH ft. Desmond Goh 吉他翻唱

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Sarah Cheng-De Winne * official artist

Actor, Show Host, Singer

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