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Well, for a start, I can't quite seem to fit my info the the above categories... I would say bad Cantonese and I don't remember how much I drink.

I have resided in Hong Kong for near four years and been involved in a number of interesting projects. Back in Oz I was a film critic, as well as making short films, working on a TV interview show and some corporate videos and ran a film mag (currently unavailable thanks to the lovely folks at watch this space...)

In Hong Kong continued to work as a film journalist for publications such as Hollywood Reporter, Metro, Film Journal International, blah blah blah blah blah. A lifetime ago.

Did some random reporting, covered "Boarding Gate" for a US film journal, worked on the coffee table book for "The Counting House," polished some English translation for Kam Kwok Leung's 我問人:人問我, HKIFF catalogue blurbs and newsletters and a myriad of jobs I can no longer recall....

These days working on my company Light Sleeper (HK) Limited, more about that later.. I will update and re-write the about me section later on, just think it's about time there's more than a drunken photo on my profile..

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