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SLIMFOLD: a recycled wallet

A few months back while browsing The Fancy, I came across a little interesting project, a paper wallet. I found this thin, light, strong concept very interesting and decided to get one ($25). I had completely forgotten about it when it was finally delivered after almost four months. A very neat packaging with a nice little instruction gave a very good first impression and I was excited to move everything from my old wallet into it right away! It looked pretty cool! And fitted all my things, except the coins which were moved to their new house as well, but I’ll get to that later! Now the question was; how long is this going to last?

After a month useAfter a month of use, apart from the expected signs on wear and tear especially on the edges, everything is intact! While this is not something that would be a long term replacement, but I like the idea of having a recyclable wallet and trying a new one every few months if more designs were available, but what about the coins now?

Carrying coins is always a hassle! still required nevertheless. The weight and the sound it makes in your pocket, makes you wonder why we still have them around, but when you find something with a good design, it can make all the difference. This little triangle, gives you access to your coins from both ends, has a tight grips on your little fortune eliminating the sound and feels very nice to hold and flat in your pocket. Who thought carrying your coins would be fun?!

Update December 2012: So the verdict is out, finally the tough wallet cracked! Lasted a good 6 months though! I really liked it and will get a new one!

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