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Quick Review: Lunatik Touch Pen

Lunatik, the creators of the stylish ipad nano watch TikTok, proposed the idea of a Pen/Syulus for ipad in KickStarter back in December 2011, and after a long period of seven months they finally delivered the product. What attracted me to the project was their design and pervious successful work, so amongst many other similar products I decided to go with them. I’m used to Wacom Bamboo stylus which has a soft tip so the first impression of “Touch Pen” stylus functionality wasn’t very good. The pen however felt great, very smooth and comfortable to hold.

After a little more playing around and testing the pen and getting used to the harder tip, it started to feel more natural and it performed quiet well in paper. The Stylus works the best when held at 90 degrees and at other angles sometimes, although not very often, it doesn’t register. What’s really interesting and pleasing is the accuracy. Although no rubber tip stylus can be 100% accurate or anything even close!, Touch Pen is doing a very good job at initiating the lines from the centre of the pen (depending on the app – some apps offsets the touch for fingers e.g. Paper is a good app to try this on) meaning you can easily join lines together. See it in action in the video below:

I have to admit, the more I’m using this the more I’m liking it!

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