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Subcrew & G-SHOCK present

現凡於各UNITY及 Subcrewreact® ONLINE STORE購物,均可獲得Subcrew x G-SHOCK限量製作的購物袋及貼紙一套(黑色為Subcrew version)。數量有限,送完即止。

另外,想得到紅色G-SHOCK version的朋友,則可到十家中國CASIO店購物換取,詳情可參閱小冊子。

A limited Subcrew X G-shock shopping bag and sticker set (subcrew exclusive color: black) with every purchase at our UNITY stores and Subcrewreact® ONLINE STORE. While supplies last.

For those who fancy the red version, they are avaliable at 10 selected Casio stores in the greater China area. For more details, please refers to the Casio’s booklet.

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How big are these? I love a good tote bag. If you ask my family I collect them and caps. I couldn't find them on the site. Are they gone? The '08 army hat is cute.
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