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  • another side of this girl.....

    Sunday, Mar 8, 2009 3:16AM / Standard Entry / Members only

    hihi,,,i'm still sick in bed,but much much better now,,,aaa,i hate to miss my saturday night like this!!:(

    well,as i wrote last time,i'm gonna talk about my trip to the CITY this time,,,but,what should i talk abt first?there's too many things impressed me so much,,city itself,parties,foods,,,but yes,people i met there,this is the most important thing.without them,my trip couldn't be that superb,and i wouldn't miss this much right now,,,,

    this is one scene of "the Oscar night party",,,hahaha we were dancing crazily!!!


    maybe there's a lot of ppl i have to talk about and say thank you,so this time,,,first of all.let me appreciate Mr.David"my precious"Cole here,,,he's doing photography and as you can see here,he took my photos,and all of them are just amazing!!!!not only made me fun,but also,made me so creative.he is kinda inspiration,and he WILL,for sure.

    i'm uploading our works here,the album"photos by David Cole",little by little,i would like you guys to see totally different "RUI"in those pics,and those are exactly what i truly love.i was an artist there,not 木村乃,no need to be smily and catchy,,,just be a pro,as following my feeling and his directions....i really loved that shooting.missing the time so so much now tho....

    i would like to know what you guys also think about it,and really hope you guys will like them too!!!

    and,,,,,thank you David,you do amazing photography,and found out my another sides through your camera.you always tell me what motivates me to work in this industry,you have no idea how much you help me!!will fly there soon,may the muse be with you!!!



    check it out!!!:)will upload more soon!



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  • matthew12
    posted on Thursday, Mar 19, 2009 12:16AM [Report]

  • rottendoubt
    posted on Tuesday, Mar 10, 2009 4:34PM [Report]
    great photo!
  • Etchy
    posted on Monday, Mar 9, 2009 8:29AM [Report]
    looking good,  i'll check out the pics when i get back to HK! ;-)

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