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  • Trick or Cheat in cinemas September 3rd

    Friday, Aug 14, 2009 12:11AM / Standard Entry / Members only

    The trailer for 《愛出貓》 Trick or Cheat is out! ^^

    Much to my surprise, they've included quite alot of shots of me in the trailer. hehe...



    The premier screening will be on on the 31st of August. It'll officially be in cinemas on September 3rd 2009.

    Please support everybody!.. This is my first major role in a movie.. so I'm very excited... :p ..... and nervous~ ! haha.... ><

    Miss you all, the cast and crew of 《愛出貓》 Trick or Cheat!

    So let the cheating begin!... XD


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  • chrischung
    Official artist 
    posted on Friday, Aug 28, 2009 8:27AM [Report]
    wow bro awesome stuff!! looks great! your cantonese is really good man didnt expect that good lol I dont quite know how ill get to see it though lol any more new vids up? ive got my showreel up on my latest blog if you want to take a gander at it :)
    posted on Friday, Aug 21, 2009 11:22AM [Report]
    it sounds funny

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