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Baccarat Magazine Interview with Candy Lo

So today has been a pretty hectic day.  Two interviews, a meeting, and a 2-hr live chat for the debut of our 2nd single. It's been a fun day! I love being busy, think I inherited that trait from my mother. I love meeting people and connecting with fans, and I never thought that I'd be able to even connect with an established artist who has been in the industry for 10 years, and have such a deep, honest, heart-to-heart conversation about just life as an artist and the struggles and hardships. I think it's really hard to come by for new artists like us to get such unedited, raw thoughts, feelings and opinions from someone like Candy Lo. I remember I used to sing lots of her songs in karaoke rooms in my early teenage years..... I think I can definitely relate to Candy's sentiments sometimes. I do feel like I'm a bit stubborn at times, and I wonder why things are the way they are sometimes in this industry. But good thing is that I know I'm in good hands. Beside Kendy, and under a label that while known by some people as being a bit "traditional"... yet i beg to differ. They really are trying to bend themselves backwards and, slowly but surely, they are understanding who we are as creative artists, what we want to do, and what we think should be done in this era of new media. Certain things take time, so you need to have the patience. Yet... passion and inspiration is in the spur of the moment. So in the end it's all a big balancing act, but I think we're going to handle it fine.

Thank you the crew of Baccarat Magazine and Alivenotdead, and Backstage! Love you guys!!! I appreciate everything, really, I feel closer to you guys than ever just because you knew me as the Robynn that was just a silly little youtuber. =) Well actually I guess I still am a silly little youtuber. xD


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Jaymee Leo says:
You're doing awesome, Robynn! Live your dreams!!! <3
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Elena dd unset 18
elena ng says:
seeing you are really enjoy what you are having now. Keep it up and we will support behind :)
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你好 我能和你做个朋友吗?
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