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I don't think I've ever seen or will ever see a photo like this of me in the past or future. 🙈 Perhaps the most candid moments are actually the most precious moments worth capturing. In a world of selfies and social media frenzy, how many candid moments are captured, and, in comparison, how many fake-it-till-you-make-it moments are? 照片提供:多謝 @robynnandkendy 粉絲煲偷拍神探 @isonho thank you ☺️☺️

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我們的 #新一天 有新一天的獎項!我們三個的第一個☝️一起拿的獎項,感覺好特別!#最受歡迎合唱歌曲獎 #最佳MV提名 謝謝環球和Sony兩群落力的同事們,這個獎也是屬於 @jemachaninstagram Edward Chan 的,也屬於新一天導演 Charles !! 謝謝音樂之聲!!!

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Such a touching moment when you sang 若!:) recorded it! #win @agaseen

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@adasonlo 頑皮的小朋友在許志安唱歌的時候。。。

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很多同學們的一晚! Thank you Roadshow! 謝謝廣東廣播電視台音樂之聲! Styling by @adeleleung thank you! Hair by @eveecc makeup by @kirsty_facedesign and him

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Creative fans. 超正!!!!thank you all for your cards. Reading them all right now!!

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Thank you @plattho for styling @kirsty_facedesign n him for makeup and @kkingleeeeee for hair! #summerpop

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茶木拍攝日 @teawoodhk 又可以食茶木的蜜糖磚塊啦!

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Thank you for visiting my official artist page! I believe in sharing music, sharing emotions, sharing love, sharing me. =) 我希望能透過音樂,分享心情,分享愛, 分享屬於自己的想法. 謝謝你們來到

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