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It's a brand new day to rise and shine. ❤️ spread your wings and fly.

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Almost ready for our first TEDx talk!

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Million Reasons - Lady Gaga (RnK Cover)

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今晚的 Thursday Night Live 其實是一個新的翻唱! 希望大家喜歡我們自家製作的歌和 MV! (Special thanks to the beautiful city of Sydney!) Kendy Suen

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還是那個我。#throwback see you tonight. #RnKThursdayNightLive

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夢想中的Bucketlist 之一就是能參與 TED talk! 很榮幸, 有興趣的朋友記得 Register 啦! register for this weekend's TEDx Youth talk!!


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小時候好喜歡的歌曲。 🎈昨天是kendy的,今天是我的。 #RobynnSays

robynnsayskendysays #1mincovers #氣球 #許哲珮

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Thank you for visiting my official artist page! I believe in sharing music, sharing emotions, sharing love, sharing me. =) 我希望能透過音樂,分享心情,分享愛, 分享屬於自己的想法. 謝謝你們來到

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