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Don't be afraid of things you aren't good at; it can only get better from here.

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MV post production editing marathon is a different kind of marathon. #newsong #comingsoon

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Happy Sunday! 遲來的520! 謝謝你們一直以來的愛.

10am-5am around the clock MV shoot complete. Had fun, and also was challenged, directing it alongside my talented and trusted friends. It's a brand new day, and I'm so proud of our team!

Thank God for this chill Sunday. I don't even mind the weather. It's still beautiful in my eyes.

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There will always be hope, there will always be growth, there is always an uphill battle ahead, as long as you don't stop. Expect the battle, expect difficulty, expect road blocks, but also expect yourself to be the way you were built- undefeated despite it all.

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Some things, and some dreams... you've gotta keep holding on to. No matter how difficult, no matter how many tides going against your sails. Be anchored on the right thing, and sail on.



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Spontaneous singing feels good.


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母親節快樂。 sending love.

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Determination is a muscle. Patience is a muscle. Drive is a muscle. EQ is a muscle. Skill is a muscle. Creativity is a muscle. Muscles are buildable. Surprise yourself. Surprise them. Why not anyway?

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有真正了解你的人,是多麼的珍貴。 讓你覺得一切汗水力氣都值得。

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Thank you for visiting my official artist page! I believe in sharing music, sharing emotions, sharing love, sharing me. =) 我希望能透過音樂,分享心情,分享愛, 分享屬於自己的想法. 謝謝你們來到

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