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大家今天過得好嗎?沒有任何特別事,只是想紀錄我們到處遊走的那些回憶。日後自己看看這些blog也會覺得一切值得。:) R&K Touring Blog Ep.1/2 up now. New episodes every Tuesday and Thursday! #RnKblog https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5lS8cN4I8_c

新的翻唱在這裡: (陳奕迅 沙龍 x Ed Sheeran Photograph) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1LpTh8qlnjM

have a great night =)

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沒有任何特別事,只是想紀錄我們的那些回憶。日後自己看看這些blog也會覺得一切值得。:)R&K Touring Blog Ep.1/2 up now. New episodes every Tuesday and Thursday! #RnKblog #rnktravels @kendysuen

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[Robynn & Kendy 如果我不完美 tour] Ep.1/2 New blog series Every Tue Thur 4pm on YouTube.com/rnkblog 久等了!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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😛😀 link in bio

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今天破了自己紀錄。24小時內,我edit了差不多8條片。5個cover,一條幕後,兩條blog。剪完馬上到了 @tma68 家。to finish up an awesome song, but mainly for the awesome company. :) 話說,Kendy孫同學俾左個新花名我😅 but I'll let her say it. #iamaprouddork #onceistarticantstop

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沙龍 (陳奕迅) x Photograph (Ed Sheeran). Live rehearsals in SriLanka. Praying for the flood victims, reminiscing the times when the birds were chirping so cheerfully. 🙏🏻 #prayforsrilanka link in bio.

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沙龍 (陳奕迅) x Photograph (Ed Sheeran) - R&K Live Rehearsals in Sri Lanka

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沙龍 (Eason Chan) x Photograph (Ed Sheeran) --> http://youtu.be/1LpTh8qlnjM

照片不但留住回憶,也總會留住當時的情緒。 旅遊不但讓我們忘記該忘記的,也總會讓我們記起遺忘了的,讓我們的心重新出發。或許這就是出走的樂趣。 Dedicating this song to the flood victims and their families in Srilanka. Thank you Sri Lanka for the adventure, we are praying for you. #prayforsrilanka

Srilanka Travel and Tourism SriLankan Airlines Kendy Suen 有線寬頻 i-cable.com #帶吉他去旅行

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Thank you for visiting my official artist page! I believe in sharing music, sharing emotions, sharing love, sharing me. =) 我希望能透過音樂,分享心情,分享愛, 分享屬於自己的想法. 謝謝你們來到

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