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Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

This is a video someone took a few years ago when I was performing for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

I called it my work vacation period.

My god, my days there consisted of:

Wake Up


Read a little

Work Out

Second Breakfast

Sit out on deck


Sit out on deck

Second Lunch


Third Lunch


perform 15 minute show


Swim in pool/ hot tub

Hang out

Late DinnerRead more

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Karaoke Experience

My second time ever going to Karaoke took place about a week ago

First time was in Flushing, New York seven years ago.

That was the time where we got ripped off by the establishment and ended up being chased by the owners.

Can't think of a better bunch to be with..

I'm beginning to really, really like Hong Kong.

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I HEART Spencer Douglass

Yes Sir

Yes Ma'am

You read this right.

I've seen the light

I've seen the Apple of my Eye

The Cream of the Crop

The..the...Boo of my Yah..

you know...boo yah....

....boo yah.....uhm

Okay, forget that business..

It all began with the wonderful AnD boat trip last weekend where I met some interesting and colorful characters. A fantastic bunch.

While waiting for the right boat to get on ( it seems there's an ever rotating line of Jaspa...Read more

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AT&T Television Spot


This was one of my favorite shoots.   They had me in a full black skin tight outfit and had me fight a huge giant wooden wall against a green screen.  This was the shoot where I ran straight on at the wall with my head and heard my neck go " crk crk crk crk"   This was also my first experience outside of the circus on a flying rig. The rigger was also the same guy who did the Spider Man movies.  The back of my suit ripped during this so my bare ass was showing in the air. The rigger said that never happened to Spi...Read more

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Eating Alone

Funny thing about eating alone.

Especially when I travel a lot for my work and sometimes I can't BUT eat alone.

It's all fine when you go to some old tried and true shack off some dirty street but it starts to get

weird once you decide to go to a high end place.

Sometimes the restaurateurs would sit you as far away from the main dining room as possible in case your loneliness was contagious. They're afraid you'll attract more lonely diners and not the big parties that Hong Kong seems to thrive on<...Read more

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Hong Kong Landing

    I've arrived in Hong Kong with an ambitious plan to travel as much as I can throughout the country.

   Have a little bit of jet lag so I woke up around 6am to roam the streets.


   The rain beat me so I'm holed up in my hotel room catching up on emails and web surfs.

   I promise there will be a more interesting blog soon enough..

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Embedded Video Problem

Seems like some people couldn't view my video on my blog.

Try it now. Should be up and running!

See you all down the road.

Rob Lok

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An Official Welcome that may not sound too Official

"Greetings and Salutations!

Welcome to my Artist Profile in this wonderful community full of Artists!

I hope to share my passion of live performance with you

I hope to share my need for spontaneity with you

my rhythms

my beats

my dance"

Born in in New York City, raised in Chinatown.

Rob Lok breaks trends and traditions by being the first Chinese American Clown to graduate

from the esteemed Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bail...Read more

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Hong Kong Bound

 Well, how exciting....  jump jump laugh laugh run run

My first foray into a blog entry in a community full of artists.

Almost makes me want to write something witty or esoteric just to sound pretentious and impress the masses.


I'm heading out to Hong Kong next week after a slight departure of about...uhm..15 years?

I am definitely looking forward to arriving and immersing myself in the creative community there.

I'll be there for about 44 days. Not a very auspicious number in C...Read more

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