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December 12, 2012, Hong Kong — Inspired by the internationally renowned and highly awarded Chinese blockbuster movies & based on the true life story of lege

One of the leading roles in the smash hit musical MISS SAIGON, Robert Vicencio reprised the role of 'General Thuy', playing it in 10 cities all over the world including, Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore, Scotland, Ireland, London’s West End and throughout the UK.

In 1999, Robert's composition A CHRISTMAS SONG was one of the winners at the West End Cares Song Competition, later being released as part of an album compilation in London. Having talents for both stage and screen, Robert made his first appearance on film with the Hollywood re-make production of the award winning JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR as one of the 12 Apostles. Immediately after, he landed his second picture and supporting role in the Hollywood / Spanish sci-fi co-production, ARACHNID.

Using his great experience onstage and backstage, Robert Vicencio produced and directed in 2000, ALL YOU NEED IS? , the first and only commemorative concert dedicated to the 20th anniversary of John Lennon's death, bringing together the star's original band, THE QUARRYMEN, at the prestigious Palace Theatre in London's West End and earning him an exclusive interview on BBC WORLD NEWS.

Robert has since then, produced and directed many cabarets, short films and video productions across the UK, Australia and Asia. With his co-writer in London, Thomas Schönberg, Robert was commissioned by the Singaporean Government to write SINGAPORE'S SPORTS NATIONAL ANTHEM and has also just recently released once again with his co-writer, a Charity Single CD in London called REACH FOR THE STARS benefiting the abandoned children in the Philippines.

Robert was the China Casting Director & 3rd Assistant Director for NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC’S documentary on Admiral Zheng He filmed in Heng Dien, China. He then returned in late 2006 to film his 3rd Hollywood movie, MARCO POLO to be released sometime in 2007. Last year Robert co-produced, co-directed and stared in a successful run of MUSICAL MOMENTS in Hong Kong and reprised his roles in his very own show in Shanghai entitled ROBERT VICENCIO & FRIENDS – BRINGING THE WEST END TO SHANGHAI which was performed to a sold out house.

More recently, in collaboration with the leading International Dance Academy in Shanghai, Jazz du Funk, Robert successfully put together Shanghai’s first Musical Theatre Workshop called SHARING THE WEST END WITH SHANGHAI, opening to both the local Chinese and Expat communities in the region.

Expanding his talents to new industries, close to the end of 2006, Robert was requested to be the Creative Director of Shanghai’s biggest Fashion Show of the year for ABSOLUT LABEL, presenting 8 international designers in one show.

Robert is now working on a new and exciting start-up online company called AskBenny.Cn which teachers Mandarin Online. (Register now at

|作為著名歌舞劇《西貢小姐》的主唱,Robert Vicencio在劇中扮演的角色是General Thuy,在全球10個城市包括悉尼、香港、新加坡、蘇格蘭、愛爾蘭、倫敦西區和整個英國巡演。

1999年Robert自己寫的歌曲”A CHRISTMAS SONG”得到西區歌曲比賽的優勝獎,被收錄在倫敦發行的一張唱片中。擁有舞臺和銀幕表演才華,Robert的首次銀幕演出是在好萊塢重拍的經典影片《萬世巨星》中扮演12門徒之一,之後他立刻拍了第二部電影-好萊塢和西班牙合拍的科幻片《殺出蟲圍》。

擁有台前幕後的豐富經驗,2000年Robert自己監制、導演了”ALL YOU NEED IS?”--第一台紀念約翰•列儂逝世20週年的音樂會,他邀請來這位巨星最早成立的樂隊THE QUARRYMEN所有成員。音樂會在倫敦西區著名的皇宮戲院舉行,BBC每日新聞因此對他進行了專訪。

之後Robert在英國、澳大利亞和亞洲執導了許多歌舞音樂劇、短片和視頻作品。Robert和他在倫敦的創作夥伴Thomas Schönberg被新加坡政府邀請做新加坡運動會歌,以及最近再次在倫敦發行的與夥伴合作,為菲律賓流浪兒童所做的慈善單曲”REACH FOR THE STARS”。

Robert是國家地理在中國橫店拍攝的紀錄片《鄭和》的中國選角指導和第三助理導演。他2006年底回來拍了第三部好萊塢電影《MARCO POLO》,2007年即將上映。去年Robert在香港合作監制、執導了一部成功的音樂短片,在上海還舉辦了以他名字命名的演出”ROBERT VICENCIO & FRIENDS–BRINGING THE WEST END TO SHANGHAI” (ROBERT VICENCIO和朋友們-把倫敦西區帶到上海),門票銷售一空,非常成功。

最近他和上海第一家國際性舞蹈工作室的Jazz du Funk合作,成立了上海第一家音樂劇場工作室叫”SHARING THE WEST END WITH SHANGHAI” (和上海一起分享西區),對中國人和在中國的外國人開放。



|作为著名歌舞剧《西贡小姐》的主唱,Robert Vicencio在剧中扮演的角色是General Thuy,在全球10个城市包括悉尼、香港、新加坡、苏格兰、爱尔兰、伦敦西区和整个英国巡演。

1999年Robert自己写的歌曲”A CHRISTMAS SONG”得到西区歌曲比赛的优胜奖,被收录在伦敦发行的一张唱片中。拥有舞台和银幕表演才华,Robert的首次银幕演出是在好莱坞重拍的经典影片《万世巨星》中扮演12门徒之一,之后他立刻拍了第二部电影-好莱坞和西班牙合拍的科幻片《杀出虫围》。

拥有台前幕后的丰富经验,2000年Robert自己监制、导演了”ALL YOU NEED IS?”--第一台纪念约翰•列侬逝世20周年的音乐会,他邀请来这位巨星最早成立的乐队THE QUARRYMEN所有成员。音乐会在伦敦西区著名的皇宫戏院举行,BBC每日新闻因此对他进行了专访。

之后Robert在英国、澳大利亚和亚洲执导了许多歌舞音乐剧、短片和视频作品。Robert和他在伦敦的创作伙伴Thomas Schönberg被新加坡政府邀请做新加坡运动会歌,以及最近再次在伦敦发行的与伙伴合作,为菲律宾流浪儿童所做的慈善单曲”REACH FOR THE STARS”。

Robert是国家地理在中国横店拍摄的纪录片《郑和》的中国选角指导和第三助理导演。他2006年底回来拍了第三部好莱坞电影《MARCO POLO》,2007年即将上映。去年Robert在香港合作监制、执导了一部成功的音乐短片,在上海还举办了以他名字命名的演出”ROBERT VICENCIO & FRIENDS–BRINGING THE WEST END TO SHANGHAI”(ROBERT VICENCIO和朋友们-把伦敦西区带到上海),门票销售一空,非常成功。

最近他和上海第一家国际性舞蹈工作室的Jazz du Funk合作,成立了上海第一家音乐剧场工作室叫”SHARING THE WEST END WITH SHANGHAI”(和上海一起分享西区),对中国人和在中国的外国人开放。



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December 12, 2012, Hong Kong — Inspired by the internationally renowned and highly awarded Chinese blockbuster movies & based on the true life story of lege

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