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Conceive. Believe. Achieve.


One of the leading roles in the smash hit musical MISS SAIGON, Robert Vicencio reprised the role of 'General Thuy', playing it in 10 cities all over the world including, Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore, Scotland, Ireland, London’s West End and throughout the UK, playing a total of over 3000 performances. From 2005 – 2009, Robert co-directed and starred in a successful run of a musical concert called MUSICAL MOMENTS, in Hong Kong & Beijing. In 2016, as a musical producer and director, Robert and his team co-produced a bilingual version of the children’s musical called ALICE’S ADVENTURE IN WONDERLAND in Shanghai. In the same year he produced and directed his first original Chinese musical called ROCK SCISSORS PAPER, which made its world premier on April 8th, 2016, at the Lyceum Theatre in Shanghai, and was then subsequently listed as one of the TOP 5 highest gross box office earning original big musicals in China for 2016. Early 2017, Robert was asked to be the guest singer for two Disney concerts held in Taiwan with the Evergreen Symphony Orchestra, performing at Taipei’s and Taichung’s National Theatre with a 100 piece orchestra.

作为著名音乐剧《西贡小姐》的主唱之一,Robert Vicencio在剧中扮演General Thuy一角,并在全球10个城市中巡演,包括悉尼、香港、新加坡、苏格兰、爱尔兰、伦敦西区及整个英国地区,演出场次达到3000多场。 2005至2009年,Robert在香港及北京联合执导并主演了多场极为成功的音乐剧演唱会“音乐剧的美妙时刻”。 2016年,作为音乐剧制作人及导演,Robert携手其团队共同制作了双语版本的儿童音乐剧《爱丽丝梦游仙境》、以及4月份在上海兰心大戏院结束首演的中国原创音乐剧《石头•剪刀•布》。《石头•剪刀•布》随后被列为2016年中国大剧场原创音乐剧票房成绩位列前五的剧目。 2017年初,Robert受邀在台湾举行的两场迪士尼音乐会中献唱,与Evergreen管弦乐团的100多位乐手合作,在台北及台中的National Theatre进行表演。

FILM / TV 影视

Having talents for both stage and screen, Robert made his first appearance on film with the UNIVERSAL PICTURES Hollywood re-make production of the award winning Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR as one of the 12 Apostles. Immediately after, he landed his second picture and supporting role in the Hollywood/Spanish sci-fi co-production, ARACHNID filming in Barcelona and the rainforests of Mexico. In 2005, Robert was the China Casting Director & 3rd Assistant Director for NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC’S GHOST FLEET, a documentary on Admiral Zheng He filmed in Heng Dien, China. He then returned in late 2006 to film his 3rd Hollywood movie, MARCO POLO. In 2007, he was once again being requested to be the Casting Director for NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC’S 2nd Production in China called “Legacy of China”. Moving into television, in 2008 to 2009, Robert hosted his very own TV Show called EVERLASTING FAVORITES on ICS, Shanghai’s first International English Channel then in 2009 directed his first full length feature film; shooting in Kunming, Yunnan and with an international cast. In 2013, Robert was invited to be one of the guest hosts for ICS’s live telecast of the GRAMMY’S and in 2015, participated as one of the main cast for the first season of WHITE COLLAR BOXING, a sports realty TV show aired on hitting over 100 million views. In the same year, Robert was engaged by CHINA IDOL, a music reality TV show to consult, liaise and be part of shooting in Hollywood and around LA and airing on Jiangsu TV and working with China celebrities like Kahlil Fong, Tiger Hu, Hua Cheng Yu & Zhang Bi Chen. In 2017, Robert made history in China by being asked to conceive, create and direct the 1st music film teaser that combines music-film-tv into one medium, shooting the entire production live, including live singing and a 25 piece orchestra in Beijing.

除了舞台,同时拥有银幕才华的Robert出演的首部电影是好莱坞环球影业根据韦伯获奖音乐剧重拍的影片《万世巨星》,Robert在其中扮演12门徒之一。紧接着他又参演了第二部电影,好莱坞和西班牙合拍的科幻片《杀出虫围》,该片取景与巴塞罗那以及墨西哥雨林等地。 在国家地理于中国横店拍摄的纪录片《幽灵舰队》中,Robert担任了中国选角指导和第三助理导演。 2006年底,Robert重回银幕,接拍了其第三部好莱坞电影《马可•波罗》。 随后其再次应邀为国家地理的第二部作品《Legacy of China》担任选角指导。 进入电视领域,2008至2009年间,Robert在上海外语频道 (ICS) - 上海首个国际英文频道 - 主持自己的节目EVERLASTING FAVORITES。2009年Robert执导并在云南昆明拍摄了其第一部国际卡司云集的故事长片。 2013年,上海外语频道邀请Robert担任格莱美实况主播之一。2015年,Robert作为主演之一参加了体育类真人节目《白领拳击》。该节目在搜狐网上播出,收视率破亿。 2015年,Robert受雇于音乐真人秀《唱游天下》,担任节目顾问和联络人、在好莱坞及洛杉矶周边参与了摄制,与包括方大同、胡彦斌、华晨宇,张碧晨在内的中国明星合作。 2017,这一年Robert在中国创造了历史。他受邀创作并执导了国内首部整合音乐、电影,电视为一体的音乐电影先导片。该片在北京完成摄制,全片包括演唱到25人的交响乐队演奏均为现场录制。


Using his great experience onstage and backstage, Robert Vicencio produced and directed in 2000, ALL YOU NEED IS?, the first and only commemorative concert dedicated to the 20th anniversary of John Lennon's death, bringing together the star's original band, THE QUARRYMEN, at the prestigious Palace Theatre in London's West End and earning him an exclusive interview on BBC WORLD NEWS. With his co-writer in London, Thomas Schönberg, Robert was commissioned by the Singaporean Government to write SINGAPORE'S SPORTS NATIONAL ANTHEM called LIVE OUR DREAMS and later released once again with his co-writer, a Charity Single CD in London called REACH FOR THE STARS benefiting the abandoned children in the Philippines.

台前幕后经验丰富,2000年Robert自己制作并导演了 “ALL YOU NEED IS?” - 第一场也是当时唯一一场纪念约翰•列侬逝世20周年的音乐会,并邀请来这位巨星最早成立的乐队THE QUARRYMEN中的所有成员。音乐会在伦敦西区著名的皇宫戏院举行,BBC每日新闻因此对他进行了专访。 Robert与其在伦敦的搭档Thomas Schönberg应新加坡政府之邀编写了新加坡运动会歌。之后两人又在伦敦合作发行了为菲律宾流浪儿童所作的慈善单曲“REACH FOR THE STARS”。


Close to the end of 2006, Robert was requested to be the Creative Director for ABSOLUTE LABEL’s Fashion Show being one of the biggest shows for the year. In early 2015, Robert was asked to be the Creative Director for LEAVES Fashion for Shanghai Fashion Week. In 2015 and 2016, Robert was invited by Raffles and Four Seasons for his consultation on their fashion shows. At the end of 2016, Robert was asked to be the Creative Director for the China Brand Launch of Chivas Regal’s newest whiskey called ULTIS, with the Global Brand Ambassador Chris Evan’s, better knows as Captain America, as the special Celebrity Guest. 2006年底,Robert被邀请担任ABSOLUT品牌举办的、上海最大规模时装秀的创意总监。2015年初,Robert受邀在上海时装周期间担任“金枝玉叶”的品牌创意指导。 2015年至2016年,Robert又陆续应来福士、四季酒店之邀指导其时装秀。 2016年底,芝华士在中国发布新品威士忌”耀”,Robert担任了发布会的创意指导,与作为芝华士品牌大使参加发布会的“美国队长”克里斯•埃文斯进行合作。


In 2008, Robert made his debut as a writer, publishing his very first book entitled “THE IX INVALUABLES TO AUDITIONING (& SUCCEEDING!). The book is bi-lingual, both in English and Chinese and was the very first book published in China about the subject auditioning. In 2017, Robert is planning with Wenhui Press to co-publish a new book popularizing musical in China, targeting domestic general public called “Rise of the Red Curtain” 2008年,Robert首次出版了中国第一本双语撰写的有关于试镜的专业书籍《成功试镜的九大奥秘》。 2017年,Robert与文汇出版社正在筹划合作出版一本新书,面向国内大众普及音乐剧。


In 2010, Robert was invited as the Special Foreign Guest Lecturer for the graduating year of the Shanghai’s Conservatory of Music’s Musical Theatre Department. More recently, due to the exploration in the direction of “Edutainment”- combining musical and education - Robert is constantly being invited to various public and private schools and institutions around China, lecturing to educators and students regarding edutainment as well as doing musical workshops and performances. The pioneering FLTRP (Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press) under the Beijing Foreign Studies University who has a profound and overall impact in China’s education industry, has now made Robert their official Consultant for Musical Theatre, the 1st in their history.

2010年,Robert应邀担任上海音乐学院音乐剧系毕业年的海外客座讲师。 近年来,Robert因开拓”寓教娱乐“这一领域-将音乐剧与教育结合-而频频受到全国各地公、私立学校及教育机构邀请,给教育者与学生进行寓教娱乐的演讲及音乐剧工作坊的排演,邀请方包括具探索精神、在国内影响力深远的北外外研社。外研社已正式邀请Robert担任音乐剧顾问,这是其前所未有的举措。


In 2009, Robert was asked to sing as a guest performer & judge at the VENETIAN CASINO in LAS VEGAS for the Phoenix TV Miss Cosmopolitan Beauty Pageant. In 2015, 2016 & 2017, Robert was invited to be a guest judge at the MISS EARTH beauty pageant competition. In 2017, Robert was asked to be a guest speaker for Shanghai’s TEDx Talk held at the World Expo Centre.

2009年,凤凰卫视在拉斯维加斯VENETIAN CASINO举办世界小姐选美,Robert作为特邀嘉宾献唱并参与了评审。 2015及2016年,Robert 屡次应选美比赛“张江女神”及“地球小姐”之邀担任比赛嘉宾及评委。 2017年初,Robert受邀在上海世博中心举行的TEDx Talk论坛上发表演讲。

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