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From the city of angels, I'm a kid at heart and a dreamer all day. I find myself elevated on the shoulders of giants, looking out for my relations & golden opportunities. I am a firm believer of fate with a passionate heart for authenticity. I try to move with confidence and find freedom in all that I do.

I don’t always make my bed, but lazy I’m not. I stay active but not competitive. I want to inspire and illuminate as I attempt to impact culture and bring influence no matter the medium. Storytelling, photography, creative innovation and artistic perspectives make my soul sing. I'd go insane without time with family and friends along with secret hideaways. With a great appetite to learn and grow, I am hungry for music, film, fashion, traveling, & food.

As I share my daily grind here on earth while I experiment with this vapor we call life, I'm excited for the journey God has taken me on so far, and for the adventures that await. I’m grateful for every single opportunity and look forward to connecting and collaborating with the community.

I would love to hear from you, so let’s be friends. Better yet, let’s grow together and feedrob!

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