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Robert Rogers

awe are all here for Dick!

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while Pete and Jem venture to the Great Wall I now am beyond the great firewall..

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Banished to Mongolia for Christmas.. at least I will be in good company..

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Tsuen Wan Sunday..,

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original cover art for 1969 13dots #comic .. why haven't I been here before HK Comic library ?

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Oh yes he did! waitin for Puss and Boots!

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Never knew there were Soo many types of gin!

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Well done #Clockenflap crew great weekend! @jaypelmet loved Minky!

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Hey #Clockenflap Kids! See you on the children's stage at 1:30!

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bout time they put em to work.. little freeloaders..

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Robert Rogers

Actor , Director


Glad to find other performers and artist... I\'m a magician with some circus skills although I hardly perform anymore as I am too busy producing live events. ...Read more

Location Hong Kong, China
Hometown SanFrancisco
Languages Spoken english
Job Event Man

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