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this is annoying...

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what to do when God pulls your surfboard out from under you? #streetart #mural

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We have a new brewery and craft beer shop in the neighborhood #upandcoming

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margaritas and moons with the ladies..

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Starting earlier this year #hk7s

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streetart "1000 lost soles" - Lina Klauss .. made of flip flops collected from the beach

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hongkong #streetart

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Wow well done to @dino and crew for arranging on the fly #hyatt dinner and #houseofdancingwater was fab! #iftice2015 #eventprofs

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mind blown this afternoon now for #houseofdancingwater #eventprofs #iftice2015

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makingwaves International Conference of Events open! welcome #iftice2015 #eventprofs

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Glad to find other performers and artist... I\'m a magician with some circus skills although I hardly perform anymore as I am too busy producing live events.

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