Line men

Robert Rogers

bout time they put em to work.. little freeloaders..

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We are all made of stars #artsinthepark

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ding ding goes the bell #artsinthepark #nofilter

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great afternoon at #artsinthepark !

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oooh.. I can see the whole world from up here ;)

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Well done to the crew at Lamma fun Day,,, look forward to next year !

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got the rushes for the updated profile from Piet... this is gonna be good when we finish :)

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what do you know? it's a dead end.

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Excuse Me! I'm getting changed here #publictoilet

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reinforcements arrive for kettled cops #occupy

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Robert Rogers

Actor, Director


Glad to find other performers and artist... I\'m a magician with some circus skills although I hardly perform anymore as I am too busy producing live events. ...Read more

Location Hong Kong, China
Languages Spoken english
Gender Male
Hometown SanFrancisco

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