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  • Glad to find other performers and artist... I\'m a magician with some circus skills although I hardly perform anymore as I am too busy producing live events.
    speaking of live events tell me if you do anything special...always looking for new talent.

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  • a Very good thing for HK

    Sunday, Dec 8, 2013 9:36PM / Members only

    Hong Kong’s biggest challenge in the world of events has always been the scarcity of venues. For those of us that have tried to do an event in an alternative space we are so often faced with such a cacophony of  “oh dear” and “what if?” and “we’ve never done that hear before” that we run back to our safe little hotel ballrooms and convention halls.. Well there is a group that is working on changing that. Meet Very Hong Kong


    The folks behind VeryHK are mostly architects. About a year ago they were in Europe giving a presentation on Hong Kong and the use of space when they realized just how underused and wasted public space in Hong Kong is. The envision artistic and creative happenings in those wonderful scenic spaces under flyovers, alleyways that lead to nowhere, streets and cozy neighborhoods with little traffic, sitting out areas and parks… They came back with a mission, a mission to show the government and the Hong Kong people just how useful these places are and how a thriving cultural world city can use their space creatively.

    Image_5So the folks at Very launched a very ambitious festival with back to back events in various locations across the city. None of them are event planners and when they started out on the project I don’t think they quite knew what they were getting into.  I met with them last week to look over the plans for these events and offer any tidbits of sagely advice I could.  As you would expect from architects their drawings and layouts were spectacular and used the space well. Overall I was very impressed, the styling was cool the planned experiences were very creative and seemed like would be well received by the public and all the events were suitable for local and expat audiences. Generally everything looked great and although the team seemed so stressed their eyeballs were about to bleed the plan looked good to go. We focused on some risk management and tweaks to take the experience up a level, I wished them well and said “call me if  you have any questions”, I only got one call about the recommended number of first aiders per participants onsite…

    Image_7So today I was very excited to attend the first VeryHK event… and it was excellent.. located in Kwun Tong under a flyover, the space was conveniently located  two blocks from the MTR and near some public toilets. The event had a large hands on art component, classical performances by talented young musicians and an interesting swap meet sort of thing… The crowd was thick and everyone was involved, participating and having fun. I look forward to seeing how the next week goes with the other seven events they have planned.. Especially the Very Big screen, a free out door movie theatre and picnic all week at the old Tamar site… check out their site for the schedule and updates www.veryhk.org

    Image_4 Image_3 Image_2 Image_1

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  • I don’t really hate big events

    Thursday, Oct 3, 2013 2:29PM / Members only

    Thanks to Mix Magazine.. even if they did edit the word ‘imagineer’…



    (unedited version)

    I hate big events. Designing for over 1000 people it is near impossible to ensure a quality personal experience for every guest. In large scale events participants become little more than cattle herded through various activities, inevitably are fed some form of passive entertainment and most will leave not understanding the message or goal.  In smaller events of 800 or less the possibility to fine tune the attendees experience, engage participants and create a quality event becomes possible.

    As an event designer my creation process starts with the goal of the event, from there I imagineer experiences that lead to that goal. Not everybody reacts to the same experience in the same way. When you have a smaller crowd often they are from similar backgrounds, speak the same language and a have a similar culture. With these groups their reactions to experiences will be the same making it much easier to target the entertainment, the styling, the colors and create something guests will respond favorable to. Simple things, like color speaks very differently to different groups. Recently I did a launch in Shanghai for an overseas client, mostly vips also some press. The company’s corporate primary colors were white and blue. At first they wanted to brand everything

    in corporate colors. In China blue and white are the colors used for funerals. We convinced them to use colors from their secondary palette as it was very likely a few guests may be superstitious and wouldn’t like being at an event that looked like a funeral. Of course in the US blue and white can be very stylish.

    Learning experiences are better in smaller groups. Large conferences attract big name speakers. More often than not celebrity speakers give little more than a keynote speech, an overview of information you already know. Although inspiring to see them speak there is greater value to actually meet and talk with them. As a conference attendee I really appreciate the smaller conference

    where you actually discuss and get quality time with the speakers and other attendees. This is where I get my most value for money. As a speaker I always adjust my lecture to the level of the class. With a broad range of attendees getting in depth discussion can be difficult. In one lecture I did at a large conference in the US, the subject was “The Event industry in China” 10%  of my class had experience in Asia and were looking for in depth knowledge. 90% thought Hong Kong was the capital of Japan. The lecture very quickly became a “geography lesson” with an overview of working in Asia, sadly leavening out the participants that would have benefited the most from an in depth talk.

    My favorite part of smaller events is no downtime, waiting for 1000 people to find their seat in a ballroom after cocktails feels like hours. The client’s favorite part of small events is budget management and the return on investment. Measuring the ROI of a small event is much easier to track and can be very accurate. When managing the budget, in smaller events it is easy to see where every dollar goes and exactly what you get for it.

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  • Our Sevens 2013

    Sunday, Apr 7, 2013 8:31PM / Members only

    I am very proud to announce that once again we won “Best Box” at the Hong Kong Sevens.

    The Hong Kong Sevens is a highlight on the event calendar and defiantly one of the best festivals in Asia. This year like many others in the past I didn’t actually see a whole game and only managed a couple glasses of Pimms on the Saturday but loved the atmosphere and had a great time.

    We were looking after two corporate hospitality boxes this year. One was a sponsor of the sevens and our third year in looking after them. The other we celebrated our fourteenth year of creating experience together for their clients and staff at the 7’s. In the past we helped them to secure the coveted award from Finance Asia for “Best Box” twice and this year 2013 marks the third..  for the full article click here

    Best Box history

    In 2002 we won for “All Bar Scrum” for which we created and managed a traditional English Pub.

    ubs1 ubs2

    A clear winner in 2005 for “Seven’s Heaven”… They came to me and said ‘heaven’ is the theme, but no angels and no wings.. So I turned the place into the Sistine Chapel all with rugby elements We removed the ceiling and replaced it with photo shopped Michael Angelo’s … “Creation” had god throwing Adam a rugby ball, “Creation of Eve” became “sin bin” with God giving a yellow card to Eve..

    7heaven2 7heaven3 7heaven

    Sevens 2013…

    For 2013 this year’s “Art of Rugby” design was a team effort. We turned the small space into a studio and art gallery with original art all with a rugby element.

    sevens 2013 029 sevens 2013 029

    Everything had a ‘rugby art’ theme we had a great video installation from artist Kees Van Wan check out a low res version here

    My old days of street art were reinvigorated with my Wang Gaungyi inspired stencils on the bar top and the Neon Art created a nice pink glow..



    Mona was very popular as was the other photo op



    But the piece d résistance was our drinkable art .. a vodka cranberry “liquid painting” that you could drink.

    drink-art drink-art-2

    Maybe our other client should have won?

    Although we won ‘best box’ for the art themed suite actually I think the feel, décor and atmosphere of our other client might have edged out the artsy vibe  to take the prize… however as the other client wasn’t a financial company they weren’t in the running. For them we had a “Team Theme” and good team needs their own stadium. So that what we made.. a private stadium.

    sevens 2013 001

    Complete with visiting Rugby legends…


    Own locker room too!

    sevens 2013 014

    Awards are a wonderful incentive but it is only with good clients that trust your judgement and allow you the space to be creative can you truly create award worthy material.

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  • A little thing from the 7′s last year..

    Wednesday, Jan 23, 2013 2:43PM / Members only

    Just came across this write up on one of the boxes we did for the sevens last year.. Pleased that the clients goal was matched exactly :) Here is an excerpt from Finance Asia’s Funny Money article March 26 2012.. Who had the best box?
    IMG_1880…”Hats off too to UBS, which did perhaps a better job of sending a branding message on a smaller budget. A pit stop theme drew on its association with Formula 1 and, at the same time, allowed the bank to claim that it is in “pole position”. It also had a buffet and drinks table supported by tyres, where guests could “refuel” (the cup holders also looked like tyres). The wait staff wore pit-crew uniforms and the de rigour photo stand featured a trophy so you could pose like a Formula 1 winner. Clever, not costly, and good fun. Not surprisingly, the box was packed, and a senior banker was on hand throughout the weekend so clients were suitably wined and dined. The only thing missing was Sebastian Vettel…

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  • Thanks for sharing CEI

    Wednesday, Jan 9, 2013 1:01PM / Members only

    The Green Future

    I was recently featured in CEI writing about “Green Events in 2013″

    (original text)

    Sustainable events in 2013

    Around the world event communities  were buzzing with the news of the release of  ISO 20121 Event Sustainability System, everywhere except here that is…Over the last 7 years I have watched the progression as the multinationals’ headquarters based in the US and Europe dictated that all events should have a sustainable factor to them. At first there was nothing… then slowly the satellite offices aroundAsiastarted ‘greening’ their events. In 2009/10 there was a flurry of green activity. Seemingly every event had a green component some were even centered totally around the concept and branded as a “Green Event”. It was end of 2010 that I proposed a sustainable element to an ongoing annual event for a client and their response was “No we already did that”. I politely pointed out sustainability was an ‘ongoing thing’ and ‘environmentally sustainable’ was mentioned on their website as a ‘core value’. “No, we want to do something fun.” was the reply. I wondered if inAsia‘green events’ was nothing but a fad.

    Over the past two years during the poor economy I have noticed less spotlight on sustainable events and more attention on the bottom line and budget control. Sustainability seems to have lost the limelight. Until you look a little closer, then you find there are many industry leaders and back of house ‘green ninjas’ that have infiltrated the process and although they don’t push the ‘green gospel’ they do bring sustainability in their own way, making responsible choices where they can. These planners and producers realize that the power lay in their hands. These are the ones that hold the ultimate power in the event world. They control the budget. They make buying recommendations, they are the ones with spending power. They are the ones that lead from behind to create real sustainability and not just green washing. These are our industry leaders.

    In 2013 as the event industry market inAsiamatures, as education becomes paramount and experience becomes more valued than ever, it will be the leaders who understand the value of sustainable practices that will thrive. Systems like ISO 20121, services like Feeding HK and products from the ever growing rental market will help to make sustainable practices an easier and integral part of the management of events. I see sustainable events coming back into fashion. No longer will these events be neutral earthy tones with pictures of leaves and smiling faces. These “Green Events” will be indistinguishable from any other event because this time sustainability will become part of the processes from start to finish.

    Robert Rogers, CSEP




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