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Oh dear what have I got myself into?

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6 years in a row.. Event Planner 5th most stressful job, just behind police and firefighters...… https://t.co/n7Fh8ojNIa

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skanking with #cantonese #reggae #cantoreggae #sensilion

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? clowning with the #headclowns

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Dawn Dennis - Events Work - there is easier jobs, you do it because you love it. #eventlife #eventprofs #event360

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Rory Brett from JMW inspires an interesting enigma.. AI can create emotional attachment.. so how far will you go in getting people attaches to your product? #wouldyoumarryanai #eventprofs #event360 #cei

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2become1 #faceoff

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Glad to find other performers and artist... I\'m a magician with some circus skills although I hardly perform anymore as I am too busy producing live events.

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