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Damned Show II with H.R. Giger and Marilyn Manson

I've been asked to be a part of the Damned Show II in Detroit. If you are in the area around Halloween, please come by and see my work along with a lot of other amazing artists.

On October 29 2009 in Detroit, there will be a congregation of the most controversial fine art artists from across the world to display their darkest of creations at DAMNED II. From the famous to the freshest of talent, this ominous assembly will exhibit a diversity of artistries from the deeply depraved to the intensely introspective guaranteed to intrigue, disturb, captivate or repulse. This is not Halloween-themed art but a submergence within the shadowed realms of consciousness within an intimate ambiance of haunting ethereal soundscapes, intimate gallery vignettes and cirque-inspired stage performances.

DAMNED II Flyer Back 2Then, on Devil’s Night (October 30), we celebrate this artistic submergence with an intimate six-course presentation style dinner of aphrodisiac-inspired cuisine followed by a formal masquerade ball within the milieu of exotic rhythms, floor performances and art. To nightcap the ball evening, we now welcome the sensuous noir cabaret sounds of Jill Tracy in a rare solo performance.

Feature guest artists are Marilyn Manson and HR Giger! Other special guests include Chad Michael Ward, Christian Correra, Jose Manuel Schmill, Rich Rethorn, Paul Rumsey, John U Abrahamson, William B Hand, JL Robbins, Eli Livingston, Stephen Blickenstaff, Janina Magnussen, Peggy Wauters, Aunia Kahn, Brian Viveros, Gary Lee, Patrick Byers, Krista Acheson, Robert Morris, Viktor Koen, James Allen, Tsubasa and 100+ other artists from all over the world!

Advance tickets (some limited) are on sale now!


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