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Listen to my music at MY NEW BIO: In the words of me. Let me introduce myself…… First off, How do you do? It is such a pleasure to have you at my site. So I’m finally sitting down to write my new bio. (As opposed to standing I know), but yes I have been procrastinating this for too long. I’ll try to keep this interesting, but probably use gimmicks and words like Fart and Hammer to keep your attention. You know how like you go on You Tube and there will be a picture of some hot girl and you’re like maybe I SHOULD click on this hoping to see a glimpse of nipple and then as soon as you do you see some fat dudes ass. I mean that’s only what I’ve heard; I don’t look at that stuff. It’s bad for you. Anyways, here’s me in a nutshell….. “Where am I from?” Well I was born in Richmond, VA. My First name is actually Richmond because my parents said if I was a boy they would name me Richmond and that’s how we got Richey and if I was a girl they would have named me Virginia and my nickname would have been Virgin. Do you see how I’m strategically throwing in all these sexual innuendoes? Pretty slick right. Ok we then moved to Alpharetta, GA a small suburb of Atlanta, when I was around 1 year old. I guess that’s where I got my southern draw. I can’t hear it, living out here in LA, but it comes in and out every once in a while. Especially if alcohol is involved. OMG at this rate this is gonna take too long, so let’s just fast forward to my HIGH SCHOOL days. Because everybody knows your high school days are the most important part of growing up. Within those 4 years it is the time where you discover who you are going to be. A Jock, Cheerleader, Drama Queen, That freaky Goth girl who just wants to be loved, the Nerd, The Bully, The Socialite, or That incredibly handsome funny Asian guy who plays guitar and sings. I’ll bet you’ll never guess which one I was. To me High school was a great experience. Aside from grades, the only thing you need to worry about in high school is trying to fit in. And you could equate that to being a musician in a way. Being a musician is basically a popularity contest, just on a world wide level. You put yourself out there hoping people will “Love You” and support what you do. And you do it because you love it and are passionate about something. You want to matter and to have a voice, maybe an opinion in the world. FartHammer!!! Are you still there, just checking? On to college; I went to a small performing arts school in Nashville TN. I studied vocal performance with an emphasis in music business. Basically it’s a pointless degree unless you plan on teaching. Either you can sing or you can’t. Just because you have a piece of paper saying you can doesn’t make it so. One week after I graduated I headed straight for California. I attended UCLA’s music program and met some really wonderful people. Started playing out every week and eventually started touring and evolving my sound. “What kind of music do you play?” I hate being pigeon holed into one genre. Because it seems like any guy who plays the acoustic guitar these days is gonna be compared to John Mayer or Jack Johnson or MRaz. Don’t get me wrong I feel I do have those elements in my music, but I am influenced by so many other artists. Being from the south I grew up listening to Gospel Rap, Country, Hip Hop, and Southern Rock. I grew up listening to song writers like Prince, Billy Joel, Phil Collins, and Dianne Warren. But then I moved to the West Coast and it is a totally different sound. I hear a little No Doubt, sublime, Dr. Dre in me sometimes with hooks and catchy phrases galore. Songwriting is a craft and I take it seriously. In my opinion writing lyrics is the hardest part when writing a song, but the melody is what catches your attention. Have you ever heard the saying that Offense brings the fans in, but defense wins the game? Same thing; Melody is the Offense and Lyrics are the Defense. Anyways to answer the question what kind of music do I play…..? I’m an Asian John Mayer!!! I’d like to conclude my new bio with... Thank you so much for all you support and listening. I hope someday I can meet you to personally thank you. I hope this was an enjoyable read and it kept your interest throughout. Hopefully my new Bio has given you “Double Penetration” through your hearts and minds. You see what I just did!! I Love YOU!!! FOREVER and EVER, RL

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