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You are not the customer of Facebook, YOU ARE THE PRODUCT. They say that everything we feared most about communism has come home to roost under freemarketeer capitalism. [mostly because capitalism is not a form of government] We feared the government control of our lives so we deregulated everything forgetting that we regulated those corporations and industries because of the harm they had caused us in the past. And is our We The People government is not regulating things, of course the FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE STOCKHOLDERS AT THE COST OF EVERYONE ELSE corporations will make the rules. And now? The Corporations have outdone the government in spying on us and controlling us. The patriot act allowed for them to collect and sell our personal information. That is what makes Google a powerhouse. you are not the CUSTOMER of GOOGLE or FACEBOOK. Customers pay. You use google all day long and you never pay a cent. It is not even that you are eyeballs delivered to watch targeted ads. You are a commoditized product delivered to corporations. It is not even the ads that you watch, it is that your behavior is dissected and analyzed and they can then predict your market behavior. People who liked these posts buy P&G premium products, watch this movie , buy that car. Big Brother is a fucking amateur. Everything that George Orwell warned us about from GOVERNMENT has come back to us under freemarketeer capitalism. The only thing he got wrong is that instead of the screen watching us and controlling us, we watch the screen and willingly enthrall ourselves . Thanks to Gloria Lemos

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Richard Trombly richard@trombly.com www.obscure-productions.com is an American writer, journalist and filmmaker who has been living in China since 2003 and has

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