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Raise the minimum wage $15. Specialization is for insects!! A person should be able to perform a wide variety of tasks. Everyone should have to do some labor jobs no matter their income or station of birth. After working in a restaurant and warehouse, I will never ever think lowly of the hard working folk that are being paid near minimum wage.

Here are some of the different career moves I have had. I know It sounds like Homer Simpson.

dairy farmer, dishwasher, prep cook, bartender, bus driver, driving instructor, radio announcer/voiceover, loading dock worker, security guard airplane pilot, teacher, journalist, NGO organizer writer editor photographer, PR and media specialist event/festival organizer actor, videographer, screenwriter, director, producer documentary film maker university lecturer

Respect the hard workers who are in the struggle every day. If you are not working for minimum wage, do not look down on these folks, instead praise the luck and the support of others that helped you succeed.
Raise the minimum wage.

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