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Rhyme BOT(押韵机械人)

Rhyme BOT was founded in 2007 as a Three men Independent Alternative Experimental Hip-Hop crew in the underground scene of China when they were still in college. The three members of the crew are Rize-ban, Damage Area A.K.A. Bird and Basehead A.K.A. Saint Jonny. They are rappers of course but they are also producers,too. They handled all the productions of their music including all the beats,recording and mastering. So Rhyme BOT is totally independent as fuck. With all the Jazz, Funk, Soul, Ancient Eastern Traditional Elements and something else can not be easily defined,together into the Classic Hip-Hop music by a very special way. They had built a different kind of Hip-Hop music which was extremely unique and a little bit weird for some people. They couldn't stop keeping experimenting all the thoughts what they wanted to tried on Hip-Hop so that made their music so highly recognisable even in the Underground Hip-Hop scene of China. Basically they rapped in Chinese,but sometimes they also featured some rappers of other language speaking.


2007 Rhyme BOT was founded in the Mainland of China.

2008 Rhyme BOT released their debut album (虫洞理论) 3th,4th and 5th of Top 10 Chinese Rap Songs Award in 2008 by Sohu Rhyme BOT released their special album (机械制造Vol.1)which was produced by Rhyme BOT and featured Various Hip-Hop Artists in China.

2009 Two nominations(Best Rap Song & Best Hip-Hop Crew) of AVIMA 2009 - Asian Indie Music Awards Two nominations of Chinese Hip-Hop Music Awards Vol.2 Rhyme BOT released their EP (本体)

2010 Rhyme BOT tried to release their second EP (声名狼藉)which was never officially released by some reasons,and they disappeared

...till now.


  1. Damage Area A.K.A. Bird who is the member of Rhyme BOT,is now leading a Hip-Hop Crew called P&C in his hometown NanNing City in GuangXi Province,and he is also a member of the Chee Family which is one of the leader Hip-Hop crews in the Southern China,too. You may have heared his songs in the HK Club Radio of which is also one of my favourite ACT games.

  2. All the Art works of Rhyme BOT whatever showing on the album and EP covers,the banner of their websites,are created by an indie Comics Group (静水欲动)and a closed friend Lil Yang 13. In the game , (静水欲动)made the famous boss red dragon on the bridge which has a bunch of fans.

  3. There were a lot of fucked up things happend in 2008,including the WenChuan Earthquake and all the indie shit of T-i-b-e-t,Rhyme BOT released a single track called (我的国家)which was coming out as a bonus track of ,as a tribute to the country.The song was once banned by most media platforms in China,though people can get to watch the Video through their fans' homemade on Youtube. When angry students rushed to and paraded on the streets againest the Indie shit of T-i-b-e-t in the same year in France,they played the as an anthem.

  4. The Hip-Hop Industry in China is completely different from USA,France,Japan,Korea and all the other countries because of many complicated reasons. Matter of a fact,there is no industry here by now.

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Rhyme BOT(押韵机械人)

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