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Jobbing around...

It's a reoccurrence. Just keeps bugging people who are lost in the job market, retrenched, or part-timing.

Like me.

I part-time.

Never did like a 9-5 desk job. Somehow the filing and eye-searing Microsoft Office errands don't click.

So, I decided to do what I've never done before.

I decided to go out there and meet the people for who they are, find out what makes them tick. if I want to make great music, if I want to explore other ways of conveying art, what better place to do it then at a workplace?

Yeah, so I thought to myself...why not work at a fast food outlet?

Then, without consciously realising it, I stepped randomly into this Yoshinoya joint in Bishan and asked the cashier quite blankly, "Is your job nice?"...I was quite taken aback as did the experienced-looking cashier...when I said that. She simply put, "It depends."

So, after some admin, I hopped onto the fast food bandwagon and tripped off into the sunset...or so it seemed. Coz now I've become part of something big! And yet I felt really insignificant.

It's been 2 months since that day I stepped into the store, fresh like the morning newspaper - never knowing where you might end up...and I still feel the ripples of that day...haunting me...

Why? It's a seriously harsh environment. Maybe I can liken it to the media industry. Only that in the media, when you face the chopping block, you won't really know it till it hits you. Maybe I joined Yoshi for the pressure..learning to cope with it, press for deadlines, build up my self-esteem, confidence, leadership skills, multi-tasking, empathy for others, etc...

Seems like a "low" place for a guy like me to get involved with but hey..it's a job!

You might still spot me...giving out promo mailers at the MRT or the bus interchange...bantering about hoe good the product is (or rather what the manager tells me is good to the company)...sometimes I'll hum it, sing it...(yea I do that, just to keep the smile there; if I'm saying "Grilled Unagi! Regular Bowl for $5.95! Healthy and Delicious!" I might be thinking, "Just a few more people! Just a few more people!! I'm so thirsty I wanna pass.." or "Stop staring!" or "Maybe the pitch is not right...ahem!"

Mailer: http://www.wingtaiasia.com.sg/images/yoshinoya/YoshinoyaMay09.jpg

Gosh...so many words already? Looks like I can write again! =D Hurrah!

An update for this, though it's been over a year now.

I left Yoshi for several reasons. One - the food tasted more stale and less palatable as I went along (strange huh), two - I never ended up in the position I wanted to be in, three - I contracted some kind of bug that made me giddy when serving customers or doing my dishes, four - I was bullied constantly and after enduring it for 3 months thinking it would go away, it was the last straw that broke the night fury's back (adorable creature that one), five - I needed a break away from all this.

I got no inspiration to write a song from all this. All I got was anxiety and unwanted noise - yea it's like the feedback you hate hearing when doing a sound check. I tried to hit the FL Studio beats but ended up with more white hairs because I was exhausted from being camel-ed around the fast-food desert.

I got a good break with IMG Artists when they were promoting the Singapore Sun Festival (thankfully!) and played a waiter for a publicity stunt - make that two! I got 2 pairs of complimentary tickets to watch some performances during the event. It was fun, especially during the Afro-Cuban performance (I never danced in a performance like that before!).

After that, it was radio silence till I got this job from ST Electronics (present day, April 2010). Amen to that!

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very nice blog. it really shows the signs of the times and how tough things really are out there.
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