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Into the future...

Supplies!! No surprises. Lols.
Anyways, it's been ages since a good update but I thought I'd do this in retrospect, with the new year and all. Best time to reflect, regret and reckon that some things that ought to have changed and should have remained the same, with some ageing process along the way.
Yes, I have been blogging, actively engaging people in the gaming sphere and have come across a myriad of career paths since my ST Electronics days (I think too many to keep track of). Like a current colleague said, "When you're young, you can hop around quite a lot, get as much experience as you want." That's what I kind of did.... regrettably but not ashamed.
Things happen and sometimes for good reason. You just don't know why at the time.
I participated in Sundown Marathon in 2012 (my one and only race, 10 km only larh!.. with a time of 1h 24 min... average if not for the water stations), landed into more F&B jobs (with interesting people and things I never thought about if I hadn't joined), contracted a degenerative knee condition (goodbye running) and landed up in telephone surveys, telesales (which I confess to do really poorly), contact centre agent (I kinda enjoyed and griped about that at the same time), and eventually did front desk customer service too.
Of course on the side, I kept trying out ways to get back to my mixing roots but did more designing than I did in my gaming forum days put together.
I still have a lot to learn and explore, and I don't want to stop trying.
May this 2016 be a upgrade of whatever I've been through so that everything I have been prepared to do I will excel in it and shine! Glory to God indeed!

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