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I don't usually blog coz it's the last thing I want to do at the beginning, middle and end of the day, or week or month for that matter.

I don't get to surf like everyone else; outside's the only option now.

When I do surf, I'll go gaming, I'd write in forums, submit new songs and videos, play my favourite videos and songs, look up on things I've missed and expect in future, look for places to go visit (if I could go there).

What I do at home is a repeated cycle of cable TV, cook, wash dishes, turn on the PC, play RaidenX (Crazy Monkey Games) or an emulated Sengoku 3 and Pokemon Ruby (hoho...Pokemon...I'm not a fan or anything, just something I can repeat over and over), maybe record a few voice-overs, fiddle with my Fruity Loops Studio 8 Demo, work on assignments and projects, go for a jog, play basketball...

It's coming to the end of another term at LASALLE, and a year. The two thousandth and eigth year since Jesus came to Earth as an infant. A.D. - Anno Domini - they call it.

i'd look for work, whether it's theatre, fixing a PC game update for a friend, more short films, designing a logo for a musician friend's company, or something about in my mundane cycle of life. But I think God keeps me going and new things happen everyday when I least expect it. That's one thing I can be thankful for, I think.

Comments? Dunno...post anything you like. I'm somewhat carefree. I'm not really a messenger user.

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