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2011 (2010 in Perspective)

The countdown came and went. I guess I can put it down in perspective now... Did I enjoy any fireworks?No. Was in the office, doing my night duties as Game Moderator. Already have so much colourful bright lights emitted from the computer screens. At least, I have control over what I wish to see.Was the music pumping?Somewhat. It was over my office stereo. ReverbNation and 91.3FM.Did you get high/drunk?Maybe. It was all multimedia - Facebook, Blackshot Online (Garena), ReverbNation, Radio 91.3 FM, DVDs. Watched some clips of the Melbourne Shuffle for inspiration.Anything worth remembering?I remember getting into this job. I remember all my ups and downs. Exploring different ways to enjoy myself. Experiencing God's renewable, sufficient and undeserving grace each day in 2010, and the times before. Some things got settled, others a process is just birthing. I know I won't change immediately - change is long term. It goes on till the effect melts all that I am and have into molten clay ready to be molded again. That's the rebirth. And I am unapologetically thankful for it, the good and the bad. All for good measure.Resolutions?My resolve for this year should be changing who I am into what I am meant to become. I want to stick to the code and maintain it, just like Adrian Jay's (published in the November 2010 issue of gaming magazine). I am sure I will gain the confidence to achieve, and achieve this simple goal.What's in it for me this year?Hmm... I think a new job prospect as my 1 year contract is ending soon. More strangers becoming friends and allies, online and in person. Being able to do more for God than for myself, that's an achievement to accomplish. Living on the Word rather than all my intellect and experience, like what Dr Dalton preached on his book "Jesus: 100% Man 100% God".Music?I think I've hit a 2 year hiatus since I last composed anything. I've had enough material but very little made to finish 1 song, even on paper. I usually let the moment dawn upon me to task it but this time, planning won't be such a bad idea. Being #22 on the Local Charts for Electronica/Dance for 2 years isn't very good for me. It's like was the hallmark and nothing surpassed it. It's about time that changed.In closing:It was an amazing 2010 and I look forward to many new discoveries about myself and my abilities and gifts. I'm sure I'll evolve well and have the faith to succeed.Cheers and God Bless everyone!

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