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Blog: Saturday, Apr 9

It's been so long since i've posted anything on here...

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New stuff

I've been away from AND for some time yet again. Hehe sorry about that. So, here's a little update of my new stuff. Enjoy, everyone! =]

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new pics, again! -=]

Hello hello! =] Well, today i did a fun and innocent little shoot. It wasn't anything special. Today was my rest day but i was feeling restless so i just called up one of my photog friends and told him to come pick me up and take some pictures. Haha you know, i live so much on spontaneity it's a CRIME haha. Well, here are the pics! Nothing fancy, i must warn you. Unedited and untouched, completely. haha Well, here they are! =]

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I am Sailor MARS!

I am a little red pepper. hahaha =D

I am Sailor MARS! In the name of the moon, i am here to punish you!!!

Teaser numbero UNO here it IS!


Sailor Mars


So, here are a few more (;

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Miss Provacateur

Super duper excited =D im going to be doing a very special shoot tomorrow! Ohhh the excitement...  Cant WAIT! Hehehe 

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The Water Fairy

                                                 The Water Fairy is here to visit you! =]                      

i am a droplet, oh little droplettttt! lolsss =D

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Batch numerous dos es here !

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Blog: Tuesday, Aug 5

It's been a while since ive updated with any pics! Here we go, my newest work! Actually, these were done today. Hours and hours of work for these pics. Turns out there were worth it hehe. So here's a few teasers for you guys! Hope you'll all like it! =]


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Ana and Mia

Guys, if anorexia or bulimia has ever affected the life of you or someone you know and love, please read on what i have to say.

          Anorexia and bulimia is a very common eating disorder in the modern world. It's especially dangerous to those who are always in the company of an audience, such as those who are in or related to the entertainments industry. Many odels, actors and actresses are striving to lose the "extra weight" to look better in photo shoots or on screen. Behind all the fame and glory, how many tears as...Read more

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It's important to realize the road you're taking and concentrating on your goal. Although along the way you may encounter endless obstacles that seems to tie yo


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