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Happy Saturday NYC! :)

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There's no such thing as failure, I refuse to believe in that. The only way that can happen is if you didn't try hard enough. It's called improvising. Goodnight, New York! Sweet dreams! :)

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  1. - January - April
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Had a great time with great people. Awesome. :)

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Thank you for the chocolate Hermes babe <3

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Happy Sunday NYC!

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Is there anyone that speaks Japanese that can help me out on a phone call? Message me please! Thanks! =]

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This is such a beautiful idea... This is the way I want to be buried someday. When ashes turn to dust, at the end of the day, you may be able to rest in peace and becoming a tree for new nourishment for a new environment. This is the optimal idea for afterlife. Your family and friends will be able to come visit you and rest under your shade, knowing that you have lived on. Beautiful.

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Friday night NYC - aka narcissist junk fest parade.

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