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This is my grandmother. She hails from the Yongchun, Fujian region of China. She then moved to live in Thailand, Sarawak, then immigrated to Singapore in the mid-1900s. My grandfather was a coolie who worked on the docks of the Singapore River. He was killed in an accident on the waterfront before I was born so she was the only paternal grandparent I got to see.

My grandmother's a fiery and steely woman. She loved me a lot. I don't know if she loved me the most among all my cousins.. I think so... I know that she loved me a lot. She used to call me "sim kwa po pue" (心肝宝贝) which means "my most precious" and whenever things were down, she'd always tell me that things were going to be alright simply because I was her "sim kwa po pue". I found this picture at my aunt's house last year and I thought... there are just so many questions I want to know about her colorful history that I wish I could've asked her back then. She always looked out for me and was just such a big supporter of me. I sometimes think if she were alive right now she'd be cheering at all my triumphs and telling me the same thing about things being alright because I was her "sim kwa po pue."

simkwapopue #mymostprecious #grandmother #baby

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