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Absolutely loved sharing my Aqua Luna fireworks night with 30,000 of you darlings on live broadcast and replay. ? Thank you @aquahongkong for allowing everyone access to such a memorable experience every weekday evening (and from Stanley market every weekend.) I will definitely be back with friends, family and for more fireworks again. ? I truly love that this junk exists. @victorianhongkong

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Very motivating and valuable instructions too! ??❤️

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Hello all you 161 friend requests lovelies! ? Sorry it took me so long to accept, I just saw them. ? Whaaaat? #oops #backlog #sorry

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Incredible, moving, just incredible. Eve Ensler really makes us think, doesn't she?

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SAIL WITH ME TONIGHT ? 8pm HKT fireworks from the iconic Aqua Luna junk boat - live broadcasting on Periscope / Twitter live @RavenTao ? Share the experience by logging on at 8pm HKT TONIGHT! ? Or watch free from your computer by visiting : Periscope.tv/RavenTao

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LIVE FIREWORKS TONIGHT ?? : 8pm HKT on @RavenTao Periscope / Twitter Live - broadcasting from the iconic red sailed Aqua Luna junk boat. ?? See you there! ??❤️

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THIS! ? My true guidance for the year ahead of me. No chasing, only self improvement and full faith in my path. ?????? Letting go and giving over to trust and allowing is the hard part! Keeping the mind in love is easier... the rest we shall see!

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Wow so glad I found this for the new year! ??? Fun summary with a quick six minute booster to try. Apparently it can increase success and change each day, change a week, a year and a life... one morning at a time. Interesting... ???

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So touching. ? This literally makes me cry every time I watch it. The extended cut is even more beautiful. Share the love. While we may never know whose lives we touch with kindness, the ripples of kindness are never wasted. Let's start the Chinese New Year with loving intentions. ?❤️?

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Interesting and valid. Do we say any of these things to others? If so maybe let's re-evaluate and be supportive instead. ? I grew up with people unwittingly saying awkward stuff to my mother and it sadly reflected negatively on them. I always thought it was bizarrely ignorant and we're definitely far too connected and aware nowadays to have any excuses. Let's rethink and make sure we stand up for ourselves and others by gently saying NO to microaggression. Together we are stronger. ❤️

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You are a wonderful creation. You know more than you think you know, just as you know less than you want to know. - The Picture of Dorian Gray

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