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I do love my blingy things. ? Bottom ring : 1890's British heirloom wedding ring / Middle ring : @haywardsofhongkong custom designed precise filigree + milgrain + demanding Raven was well impressed engagement ring / Top ring : @caratlondon Antoinette ring that people keep asking me about, introduced to me by fabulous leading lady @ankiebeilke. ?

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Sorry for the gratuitous butt shot but I was trying to be a shallow water reef at @anantaralayanphuket and this crabby decided to make me his home. ? I was so honoured. We had to photograph him! ? I found him a nice new home when I finally had to move.

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Today I'm emotional and feeling a bit odd. ? I think I'm ready for a new chapter and to gently say goodbye to the old. The transition will require extra self compassion and kindness. Hello tomorrow, here I come... ?❤??

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Thank you Periscope for the unexpected Gold VIP live broadcaster status. Guess I'm doing something right!

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Moments floating in dreamland @anantaralayanphuket with my Dearest Beloved ❤️

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So excited for Season 5 of @Asntm - look out for @pearlsandarsenic corsetry. ? The new P&A website look will be launched then too! ?

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Throwing myself around with abandon on the soft sandbanks of @anantaralayanphuket - our recharging paradise away from the bustle of Hong Kong. Highly recommend days wading / exploring / flopping about in the private bay.

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You are a wonderful creation. You know more than you think you know, just as you know less than you want to know. - The Picture of Dorian Gray

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