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Raven's designs : Kimono belt samples

So, in a bizarre and wonderful twist of fate, life has told me to explore my clothing designs further. The story behind me designing is a pretty standard one - I wanted clothes and grew frustrated at not being able to find what I was looking for. So I started to design my own, trialling tailor after tailor in the search for the right one. Due to my extremely particular nature, it was a long and difficult journey, with many a tailor 'firing' me for being too specific about the designs details.Having no idea how to bulk distribute clothing, I decided to make pieces for myself, and then offer handmade boutique items to friends, and the general public via consignment. The motivation to get items out to the public is simple - I want people to have access to unique and fabulously bold designs if they want them. Plus, I'm all into corsets and curves and womanly women, and am designing for them (us).So, there I was sitting at my best beloved hangout, Saffron Bakery, chomping on a fat-cake and doing my music homework.BOOHOO I said (to nobody in particular) I hope that you can relocate somewhere around the area- I'll keep an eye out for any shops for lease! Much appreciated, said the manager, who happened to be there. AND, (I said, now to her) does the top of this dress look funny to you? I think my tailor did something weird.Yes, she said. It does look a bit odd. And from there we randomly progressed to me putting my designs on consignment in Saffron Stores! Isn't that the coolest?!Yes, I hear you say (silently), it is. Well I agree (she says, giving you a great big bear hug and grinning like the sun is shining out of her face)In fact, I'm so happy about it that I'm going to share this funny and unrelated link with you. With any luck, you will laugh and laugh and laugh, and be as happy as me right now. Love and bubbles and silly little dogs that fit into handbags and poke their happy faces out for everyone to see. Raveshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sv5iEK-IEzw

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